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setting up your Mailing list
setting up your mailing list

MLSP has been putting on 5 Day Challenges this year, from their Facebook page, which means that in just 5 days you can get some good basic training for almost free. These are geared for new beginners in online marketing and especially shows you free ways to promote your business on social media.

Stacey Hall just finished one last week about how to get people to come to you or me and ask about our business, rather than us chasing after people and trying to get them to buy our product(s) or to sign up under us.

Stacey called it “Go for YES.” Most MLM companies train new distributors to just go share your business with anyone and everyone that comes within 3 feet of you, and may have become discouraged and quit. Because they are told to expect people to say “NO” however, you are to keep approaching people until you get someone to say “Yes.” (Often they do that to get you off their back!:)

This NEW Marketing approach that MLSP teaches us is to attract people to ourselves first, and make them curious about what we are doing for our business. So they come to ASK us for information!

Stacey’s 5 day Challenge was a huge success. Many hundreds of people joined (for free if a member of MLSP; just a $1 for those who are not). I have long felt I was too busy for social media, but I’ve decided to give it a good try, and am already getting people responding to my first stage posts.

Well, this next 5 Day Challenge will start next Thursday, and Diane Hochman, a top earner in 3 or 4 companies is going to teach us how to use mailings lists the way she does. She admits to not being a good writer, and having poor English grammar, but when she sends an email to her loyal list members, she can make $1000 in the next 24 hours!

I’ve learned about the importance of a mailing list – how that is pure Gold for marketers, and I’ve already set up about 13 lists. But I know I’m not using them to their maximum potential so I’m looking forward to this 5 Day Challenge from June 25 -29th.

Now I already pay my monthly membership in MLSP of $49.US so I can get into this course for free. If you can’t do that yet, or are afraid this might not be a good move for you, then for $1 you can sign up as temporary member of MLSP for 30 days, and get in on this course on Facebook.

I would jump at this!

Back in 2015 a woman whose common sense I liked, recommended this organization, and I was able to get a 10 day Trial membership for $10. I decided to take that and to get into the MLSP back office and snap up as much free training as I could in those 10 days. I found so much there, that I prayed about and decided to go for the lowest level membership of $49.US. I have not been sorry!

I invite you both to join me!

Now you can get 30 days for just $1. (This COVID crisis has got many companies offering special deals because they know many folks can’t afford much, but the training you get in MLSP can zoom you miles ahead in an online business that will bring you incomes you can only dream of!)

By the way MLSP does not promote any one particular business. They just focus on providing training for any and all business types. But they do have an affiliate program that is free. If you are a member you can sign up for that, get a coded link and as you give that out to others, if they decide to buy some of digital courses that they offer, you will get a commission.

At the higher membership levels you earn 100% of those courses as your commission! I hope to get to that place one day yet. However, even at the basic membership level you can access dozens of free video courses to learn many aspects of an online business that they have built up since they began in 2008.

PLUS: The members of MLSP – many of whom you meet at the Wednesday webinars – are like one big happy family. Soon you feel like you know them all personally!

Okay. Are you coming too? Oh right… You need to know where to go to sign up. 🙂 List Leverage.

If you still have questions… do write back and ask! (You know where to find the contact form on this page, right?)

Are you too organized or not organized enough?

Too organized? not enough?

I have certain friends who hesitate to call me because they know I have my day organized, and a half hour interruption might throw me off. What they don’t realize is that I don’t think I’m organized enough!

True, I’ve discovered that designating certain hours of the day to do certain things makes me more productive. But in the world of online marketing I can see that I still have a few things to learn about being organized.

Can you guess where?

Okay, I’ll confess. It’s in the matter of carefully following up people who show an interest in my business, so that I don’t lose the possibility of doing business with them. I’ve discovered that I can’t count in my memory to keep all that data at my fingertips.

Ah-ha! But guess what. . . . I’ve made a smart move in joining MLSP!

They have this Contact Management System that others pay fortunes for; it’s included in my MLSP membership! I just have to follow a few steps, each time my ads bring in new leads (potential contacts), and learn to do those faithfully. The system will do all the hard work. Whew!

I’ve already learned that those who use such a system are usually making six figure incomes with their online business in about a year. Wow! Then I do wrong if I keep this to myself! I better let you – or, rather, I urge you to see this short video and size it up for yourself; Six Figure Followup

You may already have an MLM business, or you are selling your niche services online, or even just someone else’s ebook so you can get some commissions. So have you already heard about CMS? Does your MLM company provide it for free?

If you meet any $6 figure earners (by the way, that’s written with this many digits: $100,000), and if you can get close enough to ask their secrets, you can be pretty sure that they have – and use a CMS! They quit using those little black shirt-pocket booklets long ago!

You really have to get organized, my friend! Please, for your own sake, have a look at Six Figure Followup

Listen, many of your competitors are still using sticky notes on their monitor, the backs of envelopes – and maybe you’ve had to do it too, but if you really want to go places with your business, my suggestion here is to sign up with MyLeadSystemPro and use the CMS that is included for all your business ventures. No matter how many you have!

Here’s that link, plain and easy – CLICK on it: SIX FIGURE FOLLOWUP!

mobile link to Six Figure Followup
Click to Go There!

I’ll find you later – probably in my CMS – and we can talk further!

How do I ever learn and absorb all this marketing stuff I'm suppose to do?

If you have just begun to work at an online business, you may be eager to fill your blog with great content that will impress your readers and get them to follow your excellent advice. Have you reached the point where ideas for great content are harder to come by?

Here’s good news for you; MyLeadSystemPro (affectionately known as MLSP) is an organization that helps home business owners get results! They have an attractive affiliate program too, but that is just one aspect. Mainly they offer webinars and detailed blog posts – most of them for free – so that you can learn how to attract eager customers and members to yourself, and succeed in your business – whatever it is, without having to hound your contacts to buy or signup.

The weekly Wednesday evening webinars are fantastic. You get to watch members who are succeeding tremendously in their business, share their how-to information. You can easily copy them.

Much of that prime and very helpful information shows up on the MLSP blog, both as video clips and as text, so if your computer balks at showing videos, you can still learn the free training by reading the ahead and below the video. I have learned so much from both the webinars, and the blog posts which allow me to study the methods and do them step by step.

A membership in MLSP is a terrific investment, but you can sample what they offer with a trial membership for 14 days, at only $10.00. I crammed a lot of exploring into my first 14 days back in 2015, and I was so impressed I just had to sign up for good!

However, I can give you some links that allow you to do some advance taste-testing for free. Then you decide if this would help your business.

First, like any MLSP member you can sign up each week for the Wednesday evening webinar. I have only missed a few weeks when I was too sick to sit up. Go to this link to register for the next webinar. You will get an email with a special link on Zoom that applies only to you and gives you admittance.

In fact, once you have attended you will likely get reminder/invitation emails each week, but you could always bookmark that link so you can go to it directly to register for the next webinar. From one week to the next you are bound to learn something you can USE in your business marketing and followup.

With a membership you can login and find a huge library of training videos. Best of all, you can trust these people to be honest, and on your side.

Let me share an experience that confirms this. A few months ago, I saw an ad for some special information that would help me find out what people were searching for, and then I could write blog content on those topics. I suppose I was in a relaxed and agreeable mood, so I bit – and bought that info, which wasn’t even in an e-book. Just a webpage. It turned out to be about a forum called Quora, where people come to ask questions. The advice was to watch to see how many people ask that same question, and then write some content for your blog answering that question, making sure to put your keyword into your meta tags for the article.

Well, Duh! I sort of knew that already. A waste of money. I felt embarrassed that I had paid for that.

Then a few weeks ago, Jim Finale, one of the twins who own MLSP together with their friend Norbert, did a webinar on 7 Free Tools & Hacks to help you find ideas for never-ending content for your social media posts. Quora was just one of the 7 ideas, and three of them were free websites with services I had not heard of yet. We can use all 7 places without a cost at all. Jim carefully demonstrated how to login and how to use those tools. I was flabbergasted. All that useful information for free?! Hey, if you want to see it now on the MLSP blog, here is the link.

The truth is, I have not exhausted all the free stuff in MLSP, never mind the e-books and training courses that one can buy there. However. whenever I run into a a question about attraction marketing or various methods (there are far more than any one person can use fully!) then I head over to MLSP in a jiffy!

If you need to see more samples right now, browse around on the blog.
Remember – don’t forget to sign up for the webinars. That’s where you will also become acquainted with our MLSP family, and I’m pretty sure you’ll fall in love with them too!

P.S. I forgot to mention that some of the most productive members in MLSP have made over a million in commissions, just selling the courses and training, for which MLSP does charge. As I said, the affiliate program is just a side-line. Come, get the things you need or want to use.

Does anxiety have an icy grip on your heart and mind? Do you have trouble sleeping generally? Or, especially during this COVID19 crisis? What about pain, whether from an inflammation, or a chronic condition? Have you found a good way to cope?

All these conditions can be ever so wearying. Downright discouraging and even depressing, I know! You know it best if you are experiencing these things on a regular basis.

Worse is that if you go to a doctor, you end up with prescriptions – which are drugs – which can be addictive. On top of that they often don’t help; they are a false lead to a dead-end.

Personally, I’m glad to say I don’t normally have problems sleeping. There are the odd times when my mind is busy writing dramatic scenes and dialogues, and it is almost like watching a video or movie, that I can’t break my focus. But, I do find that prayer and asking for God’s intervention to give me sleep works for me. Generally, though I don’t deal much with sleeplessness. Once I turn out the light – I’m out like a light.

Anxiety is also not a big problem either. My secret there is to jot down in my Blessing book, before I pull my feet into bed, all the good things that happened during the day and to give thanks to God for those “little and big blessings!” I do it again in my morning devotional time. So developing an attitude of gratitude permeates my life.

However, I have osteoporosis. I cracked my T6 vertebrae in 2007 while preparing for my Dad’s funeral, and again a few times since. Especially last year, (2019), when I cracked another vertebrae in my back and spent 8 weeks recovering from that serious pain. Recently I discovered I have shrunk and lost over 7 inches in height. The continuous pain has quit, but any serious physical exertion can set me off to a fresh spell of pain.

I do NOT like to swallow painkillers every day. So I do look for herbal remedies, and will write more about them in another article.

Lately, I’ve been learning more about CBD oils and their marvelous benefits.

CBD Products with a Gift Card $15 off

<> CBD Oils are 100% legal, and are great for scientifically lowering your anxiety in 10 minutes or less. Even if it is only the stress of the current COVID-19 crisis has you nervous and anxious over the unknowns.

<> Just half a dropper full of CBD oil will give you good, deep sleep – even extra hours – if you’ve been short-changed. You’ll wake well rested!

<> CBD oils will lower inflammation and in most cases wipe away your pain. This is tremendous!

<> The Metabolic Design CBD oils are put through an extra process so that they have no bitter taste or odor. You will know you have the very best quality by the golden colour. Cheaper, disappointing CBD oils come in various shades of green. They may turn you off completely.

<> There is less than .03% of THC, the ingredient that causes psychedelic hallucinations; you will not have such experiences with these products. Furthermore, they are “100% Drug Test Safe.”

Two video testimonies will help you see what others say and how they use CBD oils. A leader who provides great helps for entrepreneurs and marketers, has interviewed two people so far, about their experiences with theses products.

Maria Cebreco talks of how CBD oils have lowered her anxiety, helped her sleep better, and lowered her stress levels, and more.

Watch Kevin’s interview with Maria.

Dawn shares in her interview how she always slept poorly. She now calls her CBD oil a miracle in a bottle, for it brings her endocrine system into balance. She sleeps sounder, and longer, and dreams, which proves to her that it is a deeper sleep than she was used to. For local pain, as in knots in the neck, or cramps in the legs, etc., she uses the CBD Balm, applying it with her fingertips until it disappears into the skin. She shared it with a co-worker, who was utterly amazed at how his neck pain vanished!

Watch Kevin’s interview with Dawn:

Ready to try CBD Oils? Or would you like to see and read up on them first? (Like me, you prefer to explore and research new products first,eh?)

Okay. Simply use the link below each video. It will take you to the Metabolic Design website, where you can register so you can login, and if you decide to buy anything just remember to use the Gift Code shown on the video, (which is Rmd420); that will give you $15 off of your purchase, if it is at least $50.

Did you close some tabs and lose the link? Then use this direct one.

Here’s an Extra tip: If you get excited about these CBD oils, and want to give Gift Cards like this to your friends so then can benefit too, then just contact me for instructions, and your starting link. I’ll be happy to share this information with you.

If during these hard times you are unable to pay mortgage or rent then you have an option to get relief and possibly not pay the next three months. (Note: this is especially geared to Americans, but check with your government’s offerings).

Here is how it works.. If you have a mortgage:

You can contact your bank and if your mortgage is issued by Fanny May or Freddie Mae (44% of all mortgages) then you can get a forbearance. A mortgage forbearance is an agreement by you and the bank not pay the next three months and that’s great BUT, there is a HUGE downside.

The bank will most likely send you a contract that pushes your next 3 payments out. The problem is that you will need to pay 4 months of payments at the end of the forbearance.


So, what is the solution? You will need to negotiate with the banks to add those 3 months to the END of the loan.

This solves the problem for both the landlord and the Tenant.

If you are a tenant then you need to communicate with your landlord and let them know their options and then ask what they can do for you knowing that they do not need to pay the mortgage and won’t be put in a position to evict you.

You might be thinking this means that you don’t ned to pay any rent since your landlord doesn’t need to pay the mortgage but, they still have other costs like property tax so negotiate to pay SOME money.

Like I said, these are tough times and communication will be the key to your success..

Wishing You Success, through God’s Blessings,

preferred business model

What’s your preferred business model? Do you find yourself dithering over whether you will do better in eCommerce – that is selling stuff online – or building a multi-level marketing team – OR – are you a clever money-handler?

I admit to having a great curiosity about many things, including online businesses. It’s a good thing I vowed to God years ago that I would stay out of debt at all costs. If it weren’t for that I would have signed up for many  more ventures. Just because they sounded great and I wanted to find out for sure. As it is, I have explored many free to signup businesses, and a few that I was sure would pay off greatly – or offer the very training in areas in which I had gaps.

Then I had a period of about 8 years in which I was working with a non-profit ministry. I had thought I could keep up my online businesses, but I didn’t have enough quality time left to divide up that way.  

In 2015 I began to feel that I would not be staying with the mission (WTM) the rest of my working life. But I wasn’t sure how I would survive with just my online business ventures. All I could do was entrust my future to the Lord.

Then, suddenly in one evening Board meeting major decisions were made that turned everything upside down. My eight jobs were reduced to just one which I could do from home. That was to write a book about the mission’s 75 year history. At first I was excited; this meant I would be able to work at my online businesses too, and finally begin to bring in a huge income so that I could give away as generously as I had been daydreaming I would.

However, once I began to research and work on the book I saw that to get it done by the anniversary I would need to throw ALL my time into it with great diligence. My friend Linda volunteered to come help me one afternoon a week. I appreciated that, but we still couldn’t have it ready by the 75th anniversary.

The Mission was in the midst of downsizing, selling our big building and leasing a smaller office. The director graciously said to me, “75 is a number, so is 76. Let’s plan for our big anniversary celebration next year. We just have too much going on this year.”

With relief I plodded on with the book, giving it my 100% effort as I usually do with anything I tackle. The only thing I could do regarding my online adventures, was to sign up with MLSP when a friend recommended them, and listen to their weekly training webinars on Wednesday evenings.

That  turned out be a great blessing and preparation for my online work once the history book was done. I’d long felt that I was weakest in my marketing and promotional efforts with my online businesses. MLSP stands for “My Leads System Pro” and their main theme was that to succeed online you need to learn to do Attraction Marketing. Not to depend on cold calling, or paying for expensive ads, but to develop a brand and personality online and to seek to help people with information and training helps that they are looking for. Once they see you in that light they will be glad to sign up under you, or to buy your products.

So, although I didn’t get to do any marketing this way, my mind became so filled with this type of thinking and daydreaming how I would do this, that when the history book was done, (plus some giant photo albums), I was truly ready to work at my online businesses in a new and energetic way. Now I had a PLAN!

I confess… I still did explore some new business ideas and ventures, but as I  thought and worked with them, I have come to the conclusion that not all of them are really suited for me.

My preferred business model is the one which I began with when I was still living with Dad and when I’d got a print-on-demand (POD) contract for my novel, I’d discovered I needed to build a website to promote it. Fortunately, I had stumbled on SiteSell, where Ken Evoy taught how to build not just a site, but a Web Business, and to make each page keyword rich and set up with meta tags so that the search engines would bring me free traffic. It is a slower model of business, but once it takes off it usually soars!

I had already built a number of websites with that approach, but had allowed myself to get distracted by other shiny objects, bells and whistles.

As I surveyed my various business efforts and weighed what was most effective, I realized that I had no use for safe-lists, or plastering ads everywhere. I didn’t have any video skills (though I’m hoping to learn that this year), but as I watched some YouTube videos by fellows from the IncomeSchool.com I realized that I need to go back to the model of writing niche websites with SEO optimized pages, and maybe to do some Attraction marketing in the social media fields, but that I could give up pretty well all the rest, and that I would  succeed best with the writing niche sites model.

The Lord has a sense of humour. He knows that if He throws a challenge before me I am likely to take it and learn new skills.  So, even though I had decided  a few years back, that I am not a true merchant, when my brother Tom was dying last April (2019) he asked me to become responsible for selling his sizeable collection of diecast models so that his estranged two daughters will get a decent inheritance. The only way I could think to accomplish this was through an eCommerce website, and I warned Tom that it would likely take 2-3 years to sell all his items.  

I am now forced to learn e-Commerce after all. But, I’ve always been “The Responsible One” so I will buckle down and do it, and I expect after some months I will learn to do it fairly well, and gain new skills. (Watch for more posts/articles about that in the future. I’m bound to want to tell you about my learning curve).

It seems a shame to horde all my discoveries of various kinds of online businesses to myself. So I have also created a Scavenger Hunt Game with some 8 tour guides that will take you around to visit the top seven online businesses that are worth pursuing. There is a short quiz after each tour of 4 questions.

If you get just half of them all right, you win my new e-book, “40 Online Business Ideas.” It includes descriptions of what I believe it takes to succeed in each one, and what personality types would do best at each. A summary chart in the back of the e-book shows which businesses would be easy enough for a person with a disability to be able to handle. Links are provided for you to sign up for the business that looks like your preferred model.

If you are quite new to online businesses, I would highly recommend that you sign up for my free eAction email LIST. In it I offer frequent advice and guidance on how to start and run your business, and how to discern if you are on the right track, or if you have fallen for a lemon – how to get out as quickly as possible.

Ready to check out my Scavenger Hunt? Have fun there!



It’s okay to quit – sometimes. Usually we urge people who are trying to get ahead in business to keep going, don’t give up. But sometimes, it is okay to quit what you are doing. Particularly if you realize that you’ve taken on more than you can handle, and now you’re sliding down a bad path. You need to stop, reconsider. Weigh the pros and cons, or the right and wrong of your decisions.

let the peace of Christ rule in our hearts when we must decide if it is okay to quitIn my case that involves praying about it.

I tell you; it is amazing how in a few hours your thinking clears up and you can SEE where you made the wrong turn. Want to hear my story?

I’d taken on a relative’s collection. He wanted it sold, but didn’t know how and was quite depressed over it. I saw – and wanted to help, so I offered to take it on. But he wasn’t ready to let go of it. He would phone and I’d have to explain every step, and he’d be upset when he could not see what I was doing from his computer.

Last night it got to where the nerves in my arms were trembling as we talked on the phone. My last words as I hung up were, “I’ve got to pray about this!”

I cried and whimpered my prayers to the Lord while I tried to make my supper in the kitchen. It didn’t take long for me to KNOW that I had to back off. That it was okay to quit.

I went out to pull weeds in my flowerbeds, and considered how to break the news to him. Gradually a plan began to form in my mind. It was possible for me to work on the book I’m writing for the 75th anniversary of a ministry where I have volunteered for many years. My knowing that it was okay to quit gave me peace of mind.

This morning, in my prayer time, I talked it over with the Lord some more and felt quite affirmed in my decision – yes, it is okay to quit this promise. In fact, over the next two weeks I need to give those mornings that I had reserved for selling the collection to the history book. it has been a concern as to whether I could finish it by the end of the summer. Oh! God’s hand is in this!

The collection items I had here at my place are packed and ready to take back on Sunday. At the moment I’m trusting that God will prepare his heart too, to see that it is okay to quit for now. Maybe in the future when we are both ready. . . .

Meantime, I’m sharing this with you to show that there are times when despite what your business mentors are saying DO NOT quit!, there are times when it is okay to quit. Really. Pray about it if you need clear and honest guidance.

“What are your business offers?” I was asked this week.

Oops! I didn’t have an answer ready right away.

Can I make a list to share when someone asks, or should I prepare just one of my business offers to give when asked?

I think what I’ve learned from MLSP is to first screen the prospect and find out which of ‘my business offers’ he or she would be most interested in.

On the other hand, I’ve booked a table at a community Garage Sale this Saturday. Should I not have some business cards ready with my promo links? It’s a chance to meet strangers face-to-face, and I may have a chance to ask questions, but who knows in advance which of my offers, or opportunities each one might respond to?

There. I stopped writing to go prepare handouts with my business offers. Now, I’m not saying this the best or only way to present your business offers to others, but just in case you have no clue where to start, I thought I’d show you my way of doing this at this time.

I designed them as mini-flyers, 4 to a sheet, and when this PDF file is printed duplex, that is, on both sides of one sheet of paper, when I cut them apart I will get 4 flyers to a sheet of paper. I ran off 12, and got 48 mini-flyers, or posters if you will.

On one side I promote my novel, my sister’s book, which I’m selling for her, and I’ll have a couple of boxes of used books there. If they buy any book, I’ll slip one of these in it, and they will find at home that the other side links to my blogs and my offers to online ventures. Free advertising!

for my offers at yard sale(Incidentally, since I’m selling 22 pots with slips from my large and prolific Christmas Cactus I also printed up some labels to put on those white containers. That way the buyer can see what kind of lovely pink flowers the cactus will give them. ~~ Christmas-Cactus-labels. I’ve already cut the labels apart and just need to tape them to the plant containers.)

What if ‘my offers’ means the free e-books that people give away online to lure you into giving up your email address – making them your LEAD?

Well, yes, I’ve just been thinking about that too. Hm-m…. I was going to sell the cacti cheap – just to get them out of my house. Maybe $1.00. I would really like to get signups for my eAction mailing list, then I can promote all or any of my business ventures to them by email for a long time to come. But would people sign up for a cactus slip?

I think I’ll design a subscribe form yet, and print out an article or two about online marketing to give away as a freebie.

I’m still looking for the right words to describe myself when people want to get to know me better. I’m doing this for the benefit of such readers as those who think they are not tough enough, or strong enough to be an online business owner. Let’s just look at some characteristics that might make it appear you are incapable, but which have actually built strong positive traits into the very fiber of your being.

Faithful Ruth


– I have often been referred to, or called Faithful. If I’ve been given a responsibility I stay at it, even after the novelty and fun of that work has worn off. From Mom’s example and lectures I learned long ago, that if I start something, or if I make a promise I need to stay with it until it is done, and I am to do it with all my might. If I should have to break my neck in trying to keep a promise – so be it!

As you can imagine, I’ve learned to hesitate to make any promise unless I’m willing to accept that risk to my neck.

It would be a little complicated to explain, and I don’t want to put others down, but there have been times when people wanted to give one of my “jobs” to someone else, and I didn’t take very kindly to that.

Even when God wanted me to move back home to care for my parents, I was loath to quit my one paying job and a bunch of volunteer positions in the church. I had to pray about it for two years before I was willing to say God had a change in mind for me and I would have to resign from those positions.

Some promises have cost me a lot of my own personal time, that I really was intending to give to something else, but a promise is a promise, and I don’t know any other way around it but to keep that promise before I move on.

Tenderhearted Ruth


– Being sensitive in spirit and easily moved to tears is rather embarrassing. Or, it was in my earlier years. It seemed that my only safe place was to work with children and to stay away from adults who might say something to make me cry.

I usually read novels in private for the same reason. If anything bad happened to my favourite characters I was soon weeping for them.

However, gradually, as I’ve grown up more and taken on more and more adult responsibilities, I’ve come to see that being so easily emotional, or tender of heart, is a good thing. It means I’m more sensitive and understanding when I meet others who have serious problems. If a friend is sad or grieving, it is really appreciated if I cry with them.

This seems to be an inherited trait. I’ve observed that Dad would easily get choked up when talking about spiritual things. That was his tender spot. His sister, my Aunt Helena, was like that too. Even just talking about her family members would get her choked up and her voice would change so that I knew tears were welling up.

I’ve spotted other relatives, mostly on Dad’s side of the family, who are like that. Some have learned to put on a crust over their emotions, so that this tenderhearted side doesn’t show up so easily. I guess they are embarrassed about it.

However, I’ve come to appreciate and accept that this is a good trait to have. I would rather be compassionate and tenderhearted towards those in need, and easily aware of the leading of the Holy Spirit of God, than to be hard-hearted and tough-skinned. So now, if someone sees me tear-up or wipe away a tear – I let them look away. That’s their problem. I don’t like to use tears to manipulate people, but if and when they come – I let ’em! As long as I have a clear conscience, I don’t need to be ashamed of my tears.

(Incidentally, I have an article about being Tenderhearted on my novel’s site.)

Wholehearted Ruth


This trait would seem to be closely related to being responsible. However, a person can be responsible and brooding with bitterness in their heart because they feel others have it easier, or because they are convinced someone else has placed responsibilities on them that they really didn’t want or ask for.

A wholehearted person, on the other hand, takes on responsibilities willingly, cheerfully. They do not complain about their work. They choose it!

Do you know the story of Rebecca in the Bible? Now she was wholehearted! At least when she was young; (later on she was rather deceptive and I don’t want to emulate her in that). I’m talking about when Abraham sent his chief servant to go back to his former homeland, and look for a bride for Isaac among their relatives.

That servant must have been a wise and godly man, for when he reached that area and stopped at a well, he prayed and asked God for a sign as to which girl should be Isaac’s wife. He asked that she offer to give him a drink of water, and also his camels. That’s what Rebecca did! She cheerfully obliged the man with a drink of water, and then offered to water his camels also. (We don’t know how many he had in his traveling group, but we know that camels can guzzle a lot of water, right?)

So when I am inclined to do more than was asked of me, and someone wonders why I would do that, I just say blithely, “Oh, I just decided to water your camels too.”

Loyal Ruth


– This talking about character traits is fun, but I think I’ll make loyalty the last one in this series of articles.

If I find out that you and I are related, I will be staunchly loyal to you. (Okay, if you did something terribly wicked and showed no sign of repentance, I might avoid you but I doubt I would disown you as a relative.) If we have become friends, I will continue to think of you from time to time, and when I get around to sending letters (less often now), I will write to you even if you have not written to me in ages.

I don’t like to run after people and nag them back into a relationship.  I make new friends easily enough so I don’t have to waste time to run after and twist arms of those who want to be rid of me. However, my heart is always open to let you back in!

As I did in the previous article, let me ask you this question; what do you think? Would a faithful, tenderhearted, wholehearted, and loyal woman make good traits for a business woman?

Yes, for sure!

Do you have any hint of these traits in your life? If you think they are not very strong, do you think you could make some decisions that would strengthen them?

Take time to think and pray about this, and then with Jesus’ help decide to be faithful, tenderhearted, and loyal in your current situations of life. If you see a place where you could water someone’s camels too – go for it! You are going to be surprised at how much you enjoy that, and those who are aware you are doing this will also be pleasantly surprised!

If you are keen to go into an online business, let me assure you that you will do better if you develop these traits. Don’t worry about not inheriting them. You can develop these traits if you put your mind to it.

To go back to see the first three traits go here: Resourceful, Responsible, and Rejoicing Ruth

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