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You may already have read my starting Principles on which I have founded my business. But I am writing additional articles on Biblical business principles as I learn more, both from experience and from my study of the Bible.

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The book of Proverbs in the Bible is especially full of very practical principles, or ethics, to live by in every area of our lives. With my interest in business, I've been amazed at how many I see with application in this part of my life. I'm excited enough about these discoveries to want to share them with others.

I opened my Bible to Proverbs, and decided in what categories in life each verse offered counsel. Then I would write it on the growing spread of sheets of paper all over my big L-shaped desk. Many verses applied to more than one category. I could see that a verse about lying could apply to family dynamics, but also to getting an education, and to how to run a business. This study resulted in articles on Business Advice in Proverbs.

Because I've become very busy, these may be slow in showing up here, but I am setting aside half an hour, early on Friday mornings, to look for, meditate on, and write up these Biblical business principles. It seems a shame to horde them to myself, so I'm trying to share.

I’ve found many Short, Pithy Life Rules in the Bible. Especially when reading in Proverbs I see many proverbs that can be applied to a business life of integrity and high standards. If your parents did not teach these to you as a matter of course when a child, a study of these passages can help you to catch up. You will become a wise, mature, and winsome person.

I've drafted up a match-up quiz on the short and pity Proverbs that can apply to businesses. Would you like to try this out? Short Pithy Proverbs for Businesses quiz (a pdf page).

This page then becomes the index to these and other articles:

Chapter 19 in Proverbs briefly sums up 8 basic business behaviours that will put you on track for success. If you can discipline yourself to learn and apply these on a consistent basis, you should do well throughout your life, and your business ventures will do well.

Allow me to present these 8 Basic Business Behaviours, what they mean, and to offer some helpful thoughts about how to implement them. Mostly they are about how to think, and that wisely.

Our ethics are our guiding principles for how we work out our grasp of what is good or moral. So I believe our morals influence our business ethics. When we have strong Christian morals, which are Christ-like, we will end up with Christian- flavoured business ethics. For example, if our conscience says, "that would be cheating my customers, (or employees), therefore I will not stoop to that action," our morals have influenced our Christian Business Ethics.

Thre are five kinds of Fools and Sluggards to avoid. It is wise to know our own weaknesses; so it can be especially helpful to beware that we don't become, or behave like any of these fools or sluggards! At the same time, be on guard when you recognize them in others.

In your business, or personal world, someone may be kissing up to you one minute and then, when you are out of hearing, will say cruel, unkind things about you to others. But how can you discern when you are getting the Kisses of an Enemy?

Do you have Ethical Business Boundaries, or do you Plan Your Escapes from Trouble? We know a fire drill helps you plan and practice how to get out of a burning building in a hurry - it can save your life. There are also dangers lurking in your business and personal relationships and liaisons. Therefore, wouldn't it be prudent to consider what those problems might look like and to plan how you will escape before you are trapped?

To give some more specific examples to better answer the question, "What is email marketing and how does it work?" -- let's take a look at how various industries use email marketing.

My Email Mailing Lists are very special to me. I began my first one in about 2000, and they have multiplied since then.

You can get More Article Mileage from the articles you publish, and then re-publish in different formats and ways for other media.

A light introduction to the helpful organization, MEDA, a ministry to small entrepreneurs, which extends risk capital in poor countries to plain farmers and poor individuals who have ideas for microbusinesses, but no cash.

There are 13 areas for Self-Control found in Proverbs chapter 23, which is probably the most complete and succinct guide from God on the subject. If we can manage ourselves in these 13 areas we shall be well-protected from harm and embarrassment, and be all set to be productive and successful in every area of life.

We’ll need to understand the Power of Words if we want to do business by godly principles. The book of Proverbs is full of instructions to listen to advice, over-look insults, give honest testimony, and to speak healing, truthful words. Well these five verses seem to sum a whole bunch of principles regarding the power of words in our daily lives and relationships.

The first six verses in Proverbs 24, offer three guides for how to Choose Your Business Companions Carefully. In business sales we learn to qualify our leads. That is, we eliminate prospects who are not suitable for our product or service. The first guide is just like that; eliminate wicked people who talk of violence from your business companions.

My Favourite Business Proverb is Proverbs 10:22, “The blessing of the LORD brings wealth, and he adds no trouble to it.

Have you heard the expression, “He does not tolerate fools easily”? Well, almost every verse in Proverbs chapter 26 shows the problems of Dealing with Fools. There are some vivid word pictures of how lazy and unreliable they are.

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