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How to Shop Around for a Good Mentor

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Now you want to know how to shop around for a good mentor?

Yes, I promised that, didn’t I?

Let’s agree that it take some time to get to know a person and what kind of knowledge and mentoring skills they have. Also, the kind of teaching style they have can make a huge difference.

Do you like things laid out methodically in a to-do list so you can go do them on your own? Or do you prefer someone who will explain each step, supervise your first efforts, and cheer your every move? Maybe a good mentor for you is someone in between those extremes, eh?

It pays to consider your learning style, and the kind of teacher from whom you learn best. (We can work on this discernment another time). As a preparation step, may I suggest praying for wisdom in this search? God is interested, and quite willing to lead us when we ask humbly. In fact, He promised in James 1:5 never to scold us if we ask for wisdom. So, ASK Him for a good mentor!

Once you know, or have a sense of what kind of business mentor you prefer, where will you find this person?

I suggest you do a Google search for “mentor + online marketing” or “mentor + attraction marketing”, or any other special area you want to learn.Then visit the websites that come up and explore each one quite thoroughly; at least until you can reject that one as not applicable to your situation. On the sites where you think the owner/mentor might have something to offer you, sign up for their newsletter. At least if it is free; usually it is.

Again, it does not hurt to pray often about this. In fact, I’m quite sure that the Lord can make your search successful more quickly and lead you to a perfectly good mentor for you.

I could afford no mentor, but the Lord, when I started out. So I prayed often. (I still do that before I begin in the mornings, also in the afternoons, and once more before I begin my evening hours at the computer). Reading the newsletters of these people who were more experienced in internet marketing and building a web business was my way of picking up a lot of free information. You see, they offered many nuggets of wisdom to show that they knew what they were talking about. As they wrote about themselves they became real people to me and I was able to discern what their personal and business ethics looked like.

But remember that happened over 16-17 years. Like from 1999 to 2017…and still today.

Sometimes they even made references to seeking help from a “higher power,” but I learned to be cautious yet, because that is also the lingo of New Age philosophies.

I find that my spiritual discernment radar gets lively when they talk of believing in ourselves and in the success of our dreams. On the surface that sounds so “Right” but is that what Jesus taught in the New Testament? We are to serve others and be humble and self-sacrificing. It helps to study that to see what that should look like in our business lives.

I have failed enough in the past to know that I would rather lean on the Lord, than on my own abilities. I know I must exert myself and do the work. God does NOT turn us into robots to do His bidding. Rather, we are to be aware and knowledgeable so we can make decisions with our will, but also be sure they are in line with God’s will.

All this can sound more complicated than it really is. It is much simpler if – we take time every day to study the Bible, pray frankly about our business before the Lord, and then do the best we know how at that point. We will learn and grow from our experiences. When we turn up a wrong path, we can back up, confess our wrong choice and start over from there.

I agonized over many of my earliest decisions in my online business, and did a lot of extra praying over things that now are easy decisions for me to make in seconds. But it is well worth it now to be well-grounded in good, ethical Christian habits.

If this kind of talk excites you rather than scaring you off – I think you may want to research me as your potential – good mentor!

I have decided to be quite up-front with talk of leaning on the Lord, my Good Mentor, in my online marketing and producing income. You will be guided in these habits if you follow my advice, and I become your ‘good mentor.’

If I should be flooded with more people wanting personal counsel and help I might start charging for my time in the future, but at present my plan is to do most of my mentoring in my eAction Mailing LIST. (However, that is presently on a break while I push to get my eCommerce sites productive.) If you are willing to explore these to get to know me, and then contact me when you have questions you cannot find answers for on these two resources, I am willing to correspond with you by email, and sometimes talk with you by phone to help you get your business rolling.

P.S. When in doubt – Don’t!

Or wait until you get a green light.

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