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How THEY Get All that Traffic!

by Ruth Marlene Friesen

Have you heard about the smart online business people who have over 1000 visitors a day to their site? I want to show you how they get all that traffic.

If you are getting into an online business, you may already have discovered that you need a website, and that you NEED visitors to read it, and buy or do as you suggest.

But, hey, how do those website owners get 1000 visitors a day? Might they buy or lure them with rewards?

If you check most sites in Alexa where you can seem some of their stats about visitors for free, you will find that MOST sites have very little traffic. They get just a little trickle of visitors, and most of that comes from word of mouth among their friends or some advertising they might have bought.

Out of the billions and trillions of websites on the internet there are about 1 to 3% that are doing quite well. The very top .05 (1/2 of 1%) are those who get 1000 visitors a day. Guess what! Most of those sites are owned and built by SiteBuildIt! (SBI) members. (I’m one of those myself, although not as far along to success).

The secret I would pass on here is to go study those super successful websites and find out what they are doing that you could emulate. SBI has chosen just some of our most successful members to highlight. Links to their sites are on a Results page:

We are taught in our Action Guide and training videos, that if we build our site according to Ken Evoy’s instructions we will not need to buy our traffic. The search engines will happily deliver it to us for free.

What’s more, if we are doing our monetization right, we should be able to count on a monthly income equal to our daily traffic numbers. So, take for instance, when I get 100 visitors a day, I should be making $100/month from my website. When I get 500 visitors a day, I should be earning $500 a month. Following this progression, what do you think those are making who get 1000 visitors a day?

Ah-ha! And when they get 10,000 visitors a day?

The way to success with SBI is not a snap of the fingers, or learning to say a mantra phrase for good luck. It is following a successful working formula. If you follow the rules and stick to it, you cannot help but succeed!

Want to look over those who are getting the great results? Go to: Study those sites to see what makes them unique and effective at drawing traffic!

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