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A Hug and a Whisper for You

by Ruth Marlene Friesen

So how is your business doing this January? Got the winter blues, or is this your most productive time because the winter weather eliminates other distracting things you could be doing?

I hope the latter is true for you. But if you know me at all, you know that I urge self-discipline and dogged perseverance. So if you need someone to put a kindly arm around you today and remind you of that again, here I am to do that.

((((A hug for you)))) ! And I’m whispering in your ear, “Hang in there! Work hard now, and it will be easier to give yourself some time off when the lovely weather comes, and your loved ones beg for some of your time. It will be worth it in the end.”

I know - my business life has become so full that that I’m sometimes in a tizzy. It has become quite late, just setting up the look n’ feel of these pages tonight, so I’ll have to put off more detailed observations and recommendations until another day. But at least now I’m ready to begin over again.

I don’t think I’ll put up all the old posts of the last 10-14 years, but I do hope to apply the many things I’ve learned, and make this a much better quality place of encouragement henceforth.

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Ruth Marlene Friesen

Ruth Marlene Friesen
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