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Managing Your Learning Curve in Marketing for Profit

How do I ever absorb all this Marketing Stuff I'm suppose to do?

All set for managing your learning curve in marketing for profit?

Are you moaning, “How do I ever absorb and learn all this marketing stuff I’m suppose to do?”

You have just verbalized the biggest hurdle to leap over – managing your learning curve in marketing for profit.

If you are new to the online marketing world you may be hearing a lot of terms and steps that are totally new to you, but that does not mean it is impossible to learn them. As with anything else, if you learn just a few key actions at a time, and do them, they will come as easily to you as using your cell phone.

In one sense you need to be of a mind to learn for the rest of your life, because there are always new things to discover. What’s more, things change fast on the internet.

In another sense you can be glad that you don’t have to study intensely for 5 or 7 years like a doctor before you can go to work. Many people catch on to just one or two methods, and are making money in a matter of hours. Those early sales or signups will encourage you and motivate you to keep learning.

There’s so much help available out there – it is wonderful! People who are trying to get ahead in their online business are offering a lot of free content (information). If you are starting from broke, I suggest you learn to spot those freebies, and learn from them, and apply that advice. That way you can be earning while you learn the basics and have the funds to pay for some deeper help.

When I came online hoping to publish my book, the advice I kept running into was to build a website on your niche area of information, build up a reputation and then offer your info products for sale. But often those people were giving away a lot of small amounts of their information to convince people to buy from them. So I got my whole website-building education for free by signing up for free ezines at the sites I visited.

Then I began to read that the MLM companies were really behind the times; they would not allow their members to build their own websites; they were still expected to do their recruiting off-line. But Ken Evoy and Ann Rand began to write about how to do it online, and they got a following for their style of marketing; building rapport first! Then you’ll really start climbing your learning curve in marketing for profit.

Mike Dillard had a method too, he called “Attraction Marketing,” which is the same idea, and though he has sold that business and moved on to something else, that theme was picked up by the Finale brothers and a number of others, who are now teaching it left and right and training many to go marketing that way. It has great success I might add!

Now listen, you won’t have to DO everything you hear or learn about. Even though you may be tempted simply because you want to try them out and see if they will thrust your business forward too, as others say. It’s this time factor that gets in the way.

True. At first you have to work hard to get the income rolling in, but after a while you can afford to outsource the routine jobs you don’t like, and just do the work that only you can do.

We all are given 24 hours a day, but we need to set some of those aside for eating and sleeping. Never mind your commitments to your family, and probably a JOB – for now.

Each hour has only 60 minutes, and there are those fast 60 seconds in each minute, so the only way to get the most accomplished is to become a shrewd manager of your time. This is one of my pet topics to write and talk about, but I won’t go into all that right now. I need to stick to this topic for this article.

However, to help you with your learning curve in marketing, I suggest you determine what hours are already spoken for by your higher priorities. If you are not blessed with a family and a job that meets your needs, consider yourself blessed in another way. You will have more hours to devote – even full-time to your learning curve, and the sooner you will be making money. (Be thankful that you are not studying to be a lawyer or a doctor).

Depending on your personality and what you may already know about life on the internet, you can be in the money in a matter
of hours,
or in days,
or weeks,
or months.

If you keep quitting from time to time, as some friends I know are prone to do, . . . you will just delay your arrival at success that much longer.

Here are my three basic starter steps for managing your learning curve in marketing for profit;

1. Start your basic Learning Curve
If you are stone broke, – but you have internet access, even if on a borrowed electronic device, or at the public library, read my articles on this site, for starter ideas. Hunt for sites that offer free information in a PDF file, or a video. If you follow an ad related to online marketing, you will need to give your email address to get it. That means another marketeer is going to start sending you emails with tips and free information. Read, view and follow everything you can!

Follow and DO the advice you can which doesn’t cost you anything. Such as plan your own Brand of you, sign up for social media and follow the advice given that can be done for free. When you CAN afford some help – go for it! It will speed up your success.

Make Time for Your Business
Schedule certain hours of your day for your learning time, and some for doing what you’ve learned. Then guard that schedule with all the will-power you can muster! Consider this your new CAREER JOB. No, your new BUSINESS!

For instance, at a minimum, I would say, set one hour aside to go watch training videos, and another hour to do some marketing. If you don’t have a product or a program that you already like or belong to, you can always market the information products that affiliate programs offer. If you can give several hours for each, so much the better! Don’t forget to keep making time for all that you can learn from good email lists. And others’ emails too. There is so much more good advice coming there.

Rest assured though that you CAN learn all that you need to run an online business. Perhaps even two or three after a while!

So much depends on your strength of character, and ability to discipline yourself and your time, and to humbly keep on learning every day the rest of your life. If you are a Christian, like me, you want to involve the Lord at every step, and in each decision you make. Yes, He really cares and if you pause to ask and receive His counsel, you will find Him a great Business partner. Of course, you need to nurture that relationship. You can’t keep running ahead, chasing golden carrots, only to fall and have to beg the Lord to rescue you and put you back on track. Those delays will slow you down.

Taking time to consult with the Lord every day and even a number of times a day, may appear to be slow, but it is better and faster in the long run. What’s more, you have peace and a clear conscience as you grow in success!

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