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What You can "Catch"
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It is said that we become like the five people we spend the most time with and follow around. (Does that explain why dogs look and behave like their owners?) So if you were to follow or hang around me, read my blogs, and ask my advice, what kind of things would you “Catch” or learn from me?

Let me shorten your suspense by giving you some direct clues.

There are certain character traits and ways of thinking that are deeply ingrained in my mind and heart. If you follow me, you are most likely to think and behave in these ways too after a while.

For one, I believe strongly in applying Biblical principles and ethics to my businesses. This means that things like honesty, integrity, reliability and kindness – even generosity are in my nature. The Fruit of God’s Spirit should be evident in my life; love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, gentleness, faithfulness, and self-control. In fact, I often study the Book of Proverbs in the Bible for short, pithy reminder statements as to how to conduct myself in business. I like to talk and write about these things.

This applies to my 7 Financial Principles as you can see on my business site.

Also, I have a section on site for Business Advice from Proverbs.

It follows then, that I don’t believe in ‘luck’ but rather that obedience to God’s commands, and diligent work brings “Blessings” even in business ventures, as well as all areas of our lives.

Because I grew up as the eldest of five in a family with a mother who was sickly most of the years I can remember, I also was forced early on to take responsibility for others, and for work assigned to me. I confess I complained about it during my early teens, but now when I look back and see that I learned the “work ethic” – which not everyone else gets to learn – I am grateful to be “The Responsible One”.

A few years ago I became aware of this unique blessing, and wrote a brochure about being The Responsible One.

What that means to my friends and followers is that if I promise to do something, I’ll break my neck trying, if I have to, but I WILL keep my word!

Even when I’ve taken on a volunteer position, people often find that it is hard to pry me out of that position as I take any responsibility given to me ever so seriously. About the only way to get me out of there is if God steps in and changes circumstances in such a major way that I know He is moving me out of that role.

Here’s a few more facets of me; I have a strong creative streak. Having also been poor most of my life, I’ve learned to be resourceful and create my own solutions to problems. If I need a certain object I’ll see if I can make it. (Dad’s side of the family had some natural ‘inventors’ so this may come as an inheritance). My creativity shows up in writing and crafts, and I’m gaining ground in graphic design.

Say, if you want to read a sampler of my novel –the first 5 chapters from Ruthe’s Secret Roses are here.

(I’ve also done some family history books, with genealogies, and in 2017 finished a history of a non-profit mission for our 75th anniversary – but we can go there another time, IF you are interested).

Poverty has also taught me to be a frugal power shopper. I don’t blow money easily. I always weigh and consider whether I can do without or find a free version first. Once I’m convinced I will have to buy an item, I shop around until I find the best product at the very best price.

So, if you see that I am using and recommending some product or program, especially if I’m paying for it in an on-going way, you can be sure that I have found it a necessity for business online! (I’ll provide a list for those relating to business in another spot).

I really like to write and to teach! And my interests and experiences go to many different topics. If you give me half a chance, the words will flow, and I’ll gladly share what I know. Because I’ve been known to spread myself too thin, I’m trying to be prudent now as I plan on what topics I will offer courses and webinars.

While I was caring for my parents, and my Gr’ma, her old aloe vera plant came into my care. I began to replant the babies that sprang up in the pots, until eventually our sunroom had shelves along three wall, (2 had large windows), and I counted 75 pots, pails, and containers with aloe vera plants in them! I often wondered if there wasn’t some way to make money with them, but I wasn’t sure how you would ship them. After my parents died, I moved to the city, and started a website about aloe vera and handy herbs.

Just sharing what I know about these plants and the benefits to our health has made me a minor expert on the internet on this topic. People write to me via the site contact form to ask their questions about aloe vera.

I’ve built a website too, about how to shop online as a smart, savvy shopper.

It is aimed at those who are new to online shopping, or are too timid to try it. There is still room for growth, but that is the direction it is going.

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