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Okay to Quit

By Ruth Marlene Friesen

It’s okay to quit - sometimes. Usually we urge people who are trying to get ahead in business to keep going, don’t give up. But sometimes, it is okay to quit what you are doing. Particularly if you realize that you’ve taken on more than you can handle, and now you’re sliding down a bad path. You need to stop, reconsider. Weigh the pros and cons, or the right and wrong of your decisions.

Let the peace of Christ rule in your hearts.

In my case that involves praying about it.

I tell you; it is amazing how in a few hours your thinking clears up and you can SEE where you made the wrong turn. Want to hear my story?

I’d taken on a relative’s collection. He wanted it sold, but didn’t know how and was quite depressed over it. I saw - and wanted to help, so I offered to take it on. But he wasn’t ready to let go of it. He would phone and I’d have to explain every step, and he’d be upset when he could not see from his computer what I was doing from my computer.

Last night it got to where the nerves in my arms were trembling as we talked on the phone. My last words as I hung up were, “I’ve got to pray about this!”

I cried and whimpered my prayers to the Lord while I tried to make my supper in the kitchen. It didn’t take long for me to KNOW that I had to back off. That it was okay to quit.

I went out to pull weeds in my flowerbeds, and considered how to break the news to him. Gradually a plan began to form in my mind. It was possible for me to work on the book I’m writing for the 75th anniversary of a ministry where I have volunteered for many years. My knowing that it was okay to quit gave me peace of mind.

This morning, in my prayer time, I talked it over with the Lord some more and felt quite affirmed in my decision - yes, it is okay to quit this promise. In fact, over the next two weeks I need to give those mornings that I had reserved for selling the collection to the history book. it has been a concern as to whether I could finish it by the end of the summer. Oh! God’s hand is in this!

The collection items I had here at my place are packed and ready to take back on Sunday. At the moment I’m trusting that God will prepare his heart too, to see that it is okay to quit for now. Maybe in the future when we are both ready. . . .

Meantime, I’m sharing this with you to show that there are times when despite what your business mentors are saying DO NOT quit! there are times when it is okay to quit. Really. Pray about it if you need clear and honest guidance.

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