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You Need a Mentor to Make Money Online – Without Fumbling So Long

You know you need a mentor to make money online – without fumbling so long! I can sense your frustration. You’ve been reading and seeing videos about the opportunities to make money online, and the desire to do this is burning in your mind and heart! But it is so easy to get overwhelmed. The blog posts make it seem as if it is quite easy, only 3, maybe 5 points to take care of – and boom! The money will roll in. So you’re trying … and it is NOT happening for you!

That is why you are now searching online for things like; ‘I need a business mentor.’ Or, ‘how to obtain a mentor.’ Only to discover that the ones who advertise as mentors are charging hefty prices!

So maybe you decide to narrow it down, and look specifically for ‘entrepreneur mentors.’ That just raises more and more questions!

What do you want in a mentor to make money online? How can you identify a good mentor? You want one that will help you speed your way on to success, not give you a university MBA course by slow degrees.

I’ll tell you what, I’ve been on a learning curve – teaching myself – little by little over 25 years – all on a shoestring too short to tie around my finger. (That’s colourful talk for ‘on a nearly zero budget.’) If time is not a issue, I can show you how to teach yourself just about anything you want to know once you know how to search for the answers to your questions on the internet.

I also know what it is like not to be able to afford to pay a mentor. But the truth is that the big money does not come to you until you are prepared to pay at least some minimum fees to get into the right ballparks. By that I mean the right business areas on the Net.

The truth is, we all learn faster if we have a mentor to make money online just to show us the short-cuts, the faster steps to getting something accomplished. So yes, you will succeed much faster (more in a moment) BUT you need a mentor to make money online without fumbling so long.

However, you do not need to pay hundreds of dollars an hour for a professional mentor to rap you on the knuckles so you stay focused on the current assignment.

First, give yourself time to do a lot of reading on the websites and blogs of people who seem to be doing exactly what you are hoping to do. Read their words with a discerning, objective mind. Watch for evidence that they do what they advise, and that it pays off for them. If they lecture on how to do it, but don’t share any evidence that they are succeeding with those steps, then back off. They may be spouting someone else’s wisdom.

As you do this you will gradually sift out which people can be trusted and which ones are being honest with you.

The prevailing doctrine of marketing is “Attraction Marketing.” That means, one is to share useful information on one’s website in the hopes of attracting people to like and believe and trust you. Then they will sign up for your program and you will profit. For this reason you can get quite a bit of free information, and if you sign up for their offered ‘freebie’ you will end up on their mailing list, and you can get more gems from them by email.

I have found it good to be too broke to BUY anything during the research period, because it is so easy to be swayed by their great advice and their strong recommendations that you sign up for this or that, because it only costs $99, or $149, or perhaps even $499! and some of that stuff is not worth that much. I always take my time in the discernment process.

Often, in fact, I take time to research that person or product in the search engines and discover there is another side to their story. There may be some very unhappy, dissatisfied customers out there! Then I can weigh the pros against the cons and decide whom to believe.

There have been certain individuals that I have seen to be honest and fair, and offering good, helpful advice. Then I latch onto them, and read everything they offer on their site, or via emails. I also make a point of trying out their advice.

Then, when I came into some money, I knew exactly which products or programs I am ready to invest in! There comes a point when I know I will profit by signing up. All because of the person I’ve been following closely and learning to know and trust.

I am known in my family and church and circles of friends as The Responsible One. The one who, once committed, is fiercely loyal and determined to succeed by helping others succeed. I wrote a brochure a few years ago illustrating this, and I’ve just recently updated it, to make it current. If you would like to see just how Responsible I am, and what bundles of knowledge it has gained me, you can read it right here: Responsible One (you could even download it by right-clicking on the link and saving it to your computer).

[By the way, it is laid out for printing and folding. To read online start with the 3rd column with the photo, read down the columns below, then come back up and read the first 2 columns – which will be on the back when folded right.]

In this brochure I tell you that I’m ready to be an example-mentor to you too, if you really want to learn from a mentor to make money online – minus all the useless stuff I picked up on the way. This does not mean I’ve fully arrived at my own goals. I’m still in a learning process. But I can explain a lot of the details you need in place for success online, and then show you step by step how I take the last hill to the goal of making a large income in a steady way.

So that I can move to my goal of supporting missionaries, ministries, and friends in need. And probably buckling down to write a number of books that have been brooding in me quite a while.

It is totally free to follow me for a while and see if I would make a good mentor to make money online for you.

A lot of marketeers are searching for other straying or lost marketeers to recruit. My own heart goes out to those who would love to make a living online, but have hardly a clue where to start. They really need some hand-holding and gentle nudging into the right paths. Maybe even to be taught how to think and behave like an online business person. (Things do go a little better if you have the right mindset).

Do you feel like a wandering orphan-waif on the internet? No idea where you need to go, and no one to take you by the hand?

Well, my feeling is, if no one helps the wandering waifs or stray souls on the internet they may never make it into the right business arena. My heart goes out to you! I’m offering to mentor you to make money online.

Sure. I’m probably opening myself up to far more work than I can handle. But then, I’ve always been a bit of a glutton for hard work. And I take time for the straggling slow-pokes who have trouble keeping up with the rest. (Oh, I hope I won’t regret saying that!)

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