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by Ruth Marlene Friesen

Are you too organized or not organized enough?

I have certain friends who hesitate to call me because they know I have my day organized, and a half hour interruption might throw me off. What they don’t realize is that I don’t think I’m organized enough!

True, I’ve discovered that designating certain hours of the day to do certain things makes me more productive. But in the world of online marketing I can see that I still have a few things to learn about being organized.

Can you guess where?

Okay, I’ll confess. It’s in the matter of carefully following up people who show an interest in my business, so that I don’t lose the possibility of doing business with them. I’ve discovered that I can’t count in my memory to keep all that data at my fingertips.

Ah-ha! But guess what. . . . I’ve made a smart move in joining MLSP!

They have this Contact Management System that others pay fortunes for; it’s included in my MLSP membership! I just have to follow a few steps, each time my ads bring in new leads (potential contacts), and learn to do those faithfully. The system will do all the hard work. Whew!

I’ve already learned that those who use such a system are usually making six figure incomes with their online business in about a year. Wow! Then I do wrong if I keep this to myself! I better let you - or, rather, I urge you to see this short video and size it up for yourself; Six Figure Followup.

You may already have an MLM business, or you are selling your niche services online, or even just someone else’s ebook so you can get some commissions. So have you already heard about CMS? Does your MLM company provide it for free?

If you meet any $6 figure earners (by the way, that’s written with this many digits: $100,000), and if you can get close enough to ask their secrets, you can be pretty sure that they have - and use a CMS! They quit using those little black shirt-pocket booklets long ago!

You really have to get organized, my friend! Please, for your own sake, have a look at Six Figure Followup

Listen, many of your competitors are still using sticky notes on their monitor, the backs of envelopes - and maybe you’ve had to do it too, but if you really want to go places with your business, my suggestion here is to sign up with MyLeadSystemPro and use the CMS that is included for all your business ventures. No matter how many you have!

Here’s that link, plain and easy – CLICK on it: SIX FIGURE FOLLOWUP! I’ll find you later - probably in my CMS - and we can talk further!

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Ruth Marlene Friesen

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