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What Can I Teach or Mentor You to Do?

First of all, if you are looking for gaming and gambling sites and tricks, or anything immoral and deceitful - scat! Shoo! Get out of here! LEAVE NOW! You will not be happy here!

On the other hand,
if you want to learn to apply godly Christian principles, such as;
Being Kind, Generous, Honest, and Fair,
If you want to follow my example of staying out of debt,
giving to God the first portions of your income,
and try to be wise and discrete in giving;
if you want to live frugally and simply, so you can bless others
- and learn new things with a positive, cheerful attitude, full of hope
(because God loves us Everyone and has Great plans for us)... and you want to count your blessings as I do, then ...


A Hearty Welcome to you! Come on in. Be part of my family!
I can teach you some basic computer skills - if you don't already have those;
things like signing up for programs - keeping good records - choosing STRONG passwords,
(including copy/pasting and filing on your computer so you can find your docs again),
and disciplining yourself to do the routine tasks that will make your business grow.

You'll learn quite a number of ways to advertise (Honestly) - writing smart, winsome ads, but also so you can make money from the sites where you advertise.

There should also the starting of your own mailing list so you can teach your followers or downline members, and more than likely, you will need to learn how to put up a website of your own.

Don't worry, I'll spread the lessons over some time. You won't have to gulp it all down as fast as you read it!

I will also make some of the lessons fun and playful - just see if I can't be creative and resourceful about that! :)

Eventually, I think I would like to teach these courses in person to small classes of four students so I can spend quality time with each one to make sure you "Get it." For now you will find these lessons on the eAction section of this, my business website.

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Ruth Marlene Friesen

Ruth Marlene Friesen
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