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My Email Mailing Lists

My email mailing lists are very special to me, as they are to any good online marketer. I began my first one in about 2000, and they have multiplied since then. (Not all my friends and acquaintances have the same interests, you see).

This is my Subscribe Central for these mailing lists. So as long as you are here, you may want to check them over and see if there is a list you were not aware of, but would like to subscribe to as well.

An Autoresponder Service

There are autoresponder email mailing list services that are open to online marketers. Really, some are much better than others. Some may hold you back.

You can earn money when you use your mailing lists to advertise your business, but you can also earn affiliate income by recommending a service to others. (Of course, you would have signed up with that business as an affiliate first, or your recommendation is just a free favour to them.

In fact, I signed up with an autoresponder/email sending service for many years, and had a number of lists with them. But in just the last year or two their support was unresponsive to me, and after various messy technical problems, I decided I had to leave. So presently I'm looking for a new service for my lists, and do not have a subscribe form or link for these. But hopefully in due time I'll set them up again.

Other Email Mailing Lists

What Happens When You Eat Aloe Vera?

This autoresponder series is related to my website about aloe vera and handy herbs. This particular one answers the questions that I'm asked MOST often. There's far more to know about aloe vera than we first realize. But it's all good!

How to Shop Online - Go Shopping!

Another website of mine shows very simply HOW to shop online, and offers guides for various kinds of online shopping. You want to do it securely, and to be a smart, savvy power shopper. This responder series gives you this information in small email bites so you can digest and apply the tips over a period of time. Then suddenly you know you are shopping online with ease.

My Novel - Ruthe's Secret Roses; Read 8 Chapters FREE!

I spent many years on a a novel, and it is published by Print-on-Demand (POD). To encourage sales, I'm generously offering the first 8 chapters by email - for FREE, no-less! Mind you, the Preface and 8 chapters are broken into 17 emails. Surely, when you've read that many out of the 67 chapters, you would know if this is for you.

If not - hey, remember that every autoresponder email has an unsubscribe link at the bottom.

P.S. If you like inspirational writings, and want to follow my writing career, and my thoughts on my friends, who are like my prize roses to me, then I think you'd really enjoy my RoseBouquet (online and via ezine) and yes this list is active every Tuesday!

More email mailing lists will be listed here as they are created, or re-created again.

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