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An Agenda for Using
the Power of Words Wisely

By Ruth Marlene Friesen

We’ll need to understand the Power of Words if we want to do business by godly principles. The book of Proverbs is full of instructions to listen to advice, over-look insults, give honest testimony, and to speak healing, truthful words. Well these five verses seem to sum a whole bunch of principles regarding the power of words in our daily lives and relationships.

The Power of Words

We don’t want to be a fool, right? So we need to be willing to listen to advice, and not show annoyance - rather to overlook an insult.

In fact, while we want to speak the truth and deal honestly ourselves, we need to be alert to the lies that will pierce us like a cruel weapon.

But hey, besides avoiding evil, let’s remember that we have the power of words; we can speak HEALING WORDS as well! (Notice that line that says, “…But the tongue of the wise brings healing.”)

Let’s pause there a moment. Do we know HOW to speak healing words? Our parents may have taught us to speak politely, but who will teach us to speak healing words?

God’s Word says right there, that the tongue of the wise brings healing. It would seem then that we must follow the Bible’s instructions for becoming wise – then, we may count on the healing words to flow from our tongue easily.

Notice too, that truthful lips endure forever, but a lying tongue lasts only a moment. Do you want a long and happy life? Stick to the truth and chances are great that you’ll get to live a long time. Even eternity if we trust in Christ to pay our sentence for sin.

Don’t you like that line: “Joy for those who promote peace“? That’s what I want to do!

So in my business dealings I need to apply these principles by;
listening to advice,
overlooking insults,
give honest testimony,
make my tongue speak healing,
make my lips speak truthfully – to last,
and promote peace – and receive joy.

Does this give you an agenda too, for using the power of words wisely?


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