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Short Pithy Life Rules

by Ruth Marlene Friesen

I’ve found many short, pithy life rules in the Bible. Especially when reading in Proverbs I see many proverbs that can be applied to a business life of integrity and high standards. If your parents did not teach these to you as a matter of course when a child, a study of these passages can help you to catch up. You will become a wise, mature, and winsome person.

Just for a little self-test, see how many times you have to re-read Chapter 26 in Proverbs before you can find the ten short pithy life rules that I’ve picked out. They are in this match-up quiz called Short Pithy Life Rules in Proverbs 25.

If you can spot them quickly, it should only take you a couple of minutes to do this quiz. Just draw a line from the quoted verses in Proverbs chapter 25 on the left – to the short, easy to remember summary statement on the right.

(Note: ‘kings’ referred to King Solomon, the writer, but can also be applied to others, like ourselves, wanting to do business, and do it right).

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