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Networking with others who are willing to do business with us is a very important part of being a Netpreneur. If we are new to the net, - and even when we've got a lot of experience under our belts, - we still need to look for links from people we've come to trust.

Hopefully, you're finding me someone you can trust! ~BIGGRIN~

I've been online and have collected links and helpful places on the web for many years now. I'm willing to delete the chaff, and show you my best links. The ones where I got the kind of help that moved me along, or that I feel is fairly safe to recommend.

(Remember, never trust anyone totally besides the Lord! Take time to check things out, and read each site thoroughly before you sign up).

Sometimes I'll add some here when I come across them, before I've had much experience with them. Take those with a grain of salt. My experience helps me to eliminate a lot of junk and mediocre sites, but sometimes even I have to try some new program out for a while before I know it's time to dump 'em!

Your best bet for following my adventures in these things is to sign up for my weekly ezine called, eAction. That's where I confess what I'm trying and what I'm getting rid of, and what I'm really impressed with as worth while.

I might add that just recently, I've noticed more Christian businesses starting up. Now you and I both know that just because someone takes on the label, Christian, that doesn't mean they are perfect and never make mistakes or give you a rough time. I like to assume the best, but I watch for good ethical behaviour even from such business people.

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A Network of Ministries

My Favourite Affiliate Programs

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