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Are Link Exchanges Really Link Farms?

When I began my websites it was considered a good service to provide a page for links from other sites. Of course you tried to get your own link on the sites of others. So I established this page for those reciprocal links way back when... Now I'm nervous about continuing it.

I've decided to clean off all the old, stale (probably dead) links. I will start over here, and only place links to sites that I really can honestly recommend from personal experience.

Reciprocal Links are added here on this site in the Resources & Networks directory.

If yours is a business site I can recommend, I can place it here on the A Network of Business Link Exchanges this page)

If you are a ministry or a non-profit I want to help out, or urge people to support you, I will put it on A Network of Ministries

If you are a friend that I want to recommend to others, I will put your link on; A Network of Friends

There is just one catch; you can't apply for these link exchanges. I need to discover you on my own and be able to check it out enough to know whether I can recommend your link with a clear conscience.

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