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My Favourite Affiliates and Business Programs

Thanks for showing interest in my favourite Affiliates and business programs. I've got a whole Bouquet of Enterprises I'm happy to share with you.

Feel free to check any and all of these out. If you think you need to ask more questions first, do contact to ask them!

First, a few tips I've garnered in my explorations and efforts;

1. Study up on a several programs, and if you can, get some of their products for yourself; get familiar with them, and be sure you believe in it before you sign up as an affiliate or business member

In fact, I built a separate site with a Scavenger Hunt game on it. The purpose of it is take you on a tour of my favourite businesses and show you what is behind the scenes, and what would be expected of you if you were to sign up. I prefer to do that with my eyes open and I'd much prefer that for you too. However, that site got some difficulties and so I took it down. Your prize if you answered the quiz questions was a chance of winning my e-book which describes a full 40 online business ideas. (Some of which would mean you have to start and run that yourself. That ebook is now for sale in my Bouquet's Books Shop Look for the title: 40 Online Business Ideas.

2. The better programs will send you regular and helpful emails with tips for promotion. You can learn a lot about marketing from them. Study them and try them out. Use banners tastefully if you have a website. Focus more on persuasive text and text links. You won't make money accidentally at this. Not unless you already have 1000s coming to your site, and people hanging on your every word. In other words, your success will be in a direct ratio with the time you spend promoting them.

But guess what - there are alternatives to SELLING to STRANGERS! SBI taught me that it is possible to build a niche website with careful SEO work with keywords to bring in thousands of visitors, and with the right subtle monetization links and pre-selling text on your pages - you are helping people find what they are looking for, and they sell themselves!

The people at teach the same principles. Build a niche site with excellent content and text links to related products embedded in your informative pages. The visitors click on your links and go buy. All without marketing or sales spiels on your part!

Another approach is taught at MLSP - a support/training group for online marketers. They teach that you can attract buyers and signups for your network to yourself simply by being friendly and helpful in social media sites, like Facebook, etc. You offer nothing for sale until your friend or prospect ASKS - even BEGS you to tell them what you are doing that makes you so successful.

3. Set up some way of keeping track of your own affiliate programs and passwords, etc., and also how you advertise them. Believe you me, the day will come when you'll get something confused! It's embarrassing to have to email for basic INFO over again.

4. The GOLD is in a good mailing list. Learn produce a good quality ezine, develop a following, and share your affiliate ads/links with those who learn to trust and respect your opinion.

5. Best of all, learn to build a website about a topic that fascinates and absorbs you. Then add links and references to appropriate products of affiliate programs that go well with your topic. Attract traffic (visitors) to your site with Personality, and they'll be delighted to click on things you recommend. People don't like to be SOLD; but they will follow you like a sheep if you show them how to do things they want to know.

I am now getting better at applying the above advice, so rather than give you a list of links, and begging you to go sign up under me, I will recommend my eBook again, 40 Online Business Ideas. That will give you a chance to get to know me better as I share my business adventures as lively stories, and you can decide if you wantto trust and like me enough to take any advice I might offer. I believe in being cautious and getting to know someone before I take their advice; so I fully expect you to do so too! Signup to the eAction LIST. (I won't bite! :))

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