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More and more I come across, or have someone recommend to me, a unique Christian ministry online, and I would like to help them out. One small favour I can do is list them here for you to discover too, as you explore this site.

Ruthe's Secret Roses - Making Friends Everywhere! This is where I promote my first novel of Christian Spiritual fiction with a site themed around friendship and mentoring especially in Christian living and writing. I have a Sharing Library with lots of articles and book reviews.

A Godly Inheritance - Where I share my family history and genealogy eBooks, and some of the treasures I have inherited spiritually, and character-wise from my ancestors.

Generosity is Alive and Well - Not to steal anyone's final reward, but we do want to draw more attention to the skill are art of being a wise and generous giver. The owner has long desired to be a generous, extravagant, but also a very wise and discerning giver. This site profiles and draws attention to worthy causes, missions and ministries that deserve generosity. Are you a Generous Giver?

Manna Publications (US) - A ministry established to raise awareness in the USA, of need for Christian literature in overseas countries . Many groups have some part of the Bible in their language but no study guides to facilitate learning. Manna seeks to provide in the form of a self-help program where the Manna Distributor selects what is needed and we help them produce it in their own country - if they agree to sell the books and reserve some(50-60%) of funds for future printing.

Manna Publications (UK) - provides Bible commentaries that are easy to read and understand. These booklets are in ready-to-print form and can be downloaded in English and French. They are FREE and suitable for use by pastors, teachers and students. They may also be used by churches, colleges and missions to print and publish and sell their own Christian literature. Western culture/jargon has been removed and religious terms explained so the books are suitable for any culture and are easily translated.

PMC Ministries, Tanzania - About the Pentecostal Missionary Church, and it's leader/pastor, Gervase Masanja, in Tanzania. Gervase is an enterprising leader, looking for ways to help his very poor people with jobs and self-employment, as well as the gospel.

Revival Time Ministry (Uganda) - an indigenous and an inter-denominational Christian NGO founded by Pastor Isaac Peter Oyako in 1993. Revival Time Ministry is not a local church, but does actively win converts to Christ as a result of evangelistic outreach programs. The new converts, or even the local churches founded, are taken care of by local-church planting organizations with sound and acceptable Christian doctrines. Evangelism , Discipleship Training and Social Development interventions define the core activities over the past 15 years.

Some Christian ministries needing friends:
I found The Love of Christ in South Africa. You MUST see their pictures and read the stories of their children! A tremendous Blessings!

Another wonderful ministry to orphans is this one in Europe, called, Orphan's Hope. It has other original ways to help.

Friend Ships Unlimited (Park West Children's Fund, Inc.) provides large scale humanitarian aid, establishes development programs for people lacking essential human needs and supports ongoing programs that are having a significant, positive impact on their communities. Many volunteers work together to provide millions of dollars worth of food and supplies to those in need each and every year Corporations provide critical services, free of charge, or give them their first-rate products to deliver to victims of disaster, war or poverty. (Sometimes they even give them ships!)

Trucking companies, airlines and railroads provide free transportation for donated goods. Seaports waive all fees so that their ships may visit their nations. Governments allow them to have the free use of buildings, equipment and ship berths so that their operations may flourish.

My opinion: Sounds wonderful! Let's go help them!

Presentation Genius Get better presentation skills from a specialist consultancy which uses the techniques of professional theatre in the 'real world.' They work in both the commercial sector and the voluntary, education, and charity sectors.

Back to Jerusalem! God's Call to the Chinese Church to Complete the Great Commission The aim of this site is to inform and challenge Christians around the world to prayer and involvement with the Chinese Church as they reach out with the Gospel to the Muslim, Buddhist, and Hindu nations of the world.

Asia Harvest Click on the Special Projects link to find some wonderful ways we can help spread the gospel. Despite the small print, there is a lot of interesting information on this site!

Abba Ministries - A Retreat center at Ranchero la Paz, with Writers' workshops, etc.

Hands to Serve This group seeks to assist with freight needs internationally. It is based in the Netherlands.

The Micah Network on Relief & Development in which Tearfund UK have been prime movers.

Riding Lights - This group is the leading Christian Drama Company in England. In recent years, they have purchased an old theatre in the historic city of York. Their presentations throughout the UK are very professional and communicate well to contemporary generation audiences.

PRAYER GUIDE PAR-EXCELLENCE - The prayer guide produced by CARE (Christian Action for Research and Education) in the UK is one of the best. You may like to receive it by e-mail or in hard copy. The booklet is very professionally design and produced. Although the prayer focus is on the UK, many aspects of a nation's community life are applicable to other countries with cultural modifications. Go to Communicating - then to prayer and order the prayer guide

GLOBAL CHANGE - This excellent website is worth checking out. It is designed and managed by Patrick Dixon who has been acclaimed as one of the 50 most significant global business thinkers of this century and a leading futurist. His site had 5 million+ visitors in 12 months.

LITT World a literature ministry seeking to raise up godly Christian writers in third world countries, and help them produce quality literature for their own people.

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