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OWNER: Ruth Marlene Friesen
TITLES: Web-designer, Entrepreneur, Author, Publisher, Editor

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Ruthe's Secret Roses - ISBN 1-59113-067-0
published digitally (.exe) April 2001, and (.pdf) September 2001
Published in print March 2001 - by

Ezines & Blogs;
JournalDigest - Journal of God's Provision
   was a weekly ezine from April 2000 - April 2001
it became the RoseBouquet - April 2001 to the present, 2020) first as ezine;
    online since June 2005 onwards as both blog & ezine
eAction (at first, Encouragement & Action) - from March 2001
Linux Learning Curve - started December 2005 - just a short while
Kingdom of Jesus - a daily devotional blog/ezine - September 25, 2006 to May 2007

Genealogy/History Books
A Godly inheritance -October 1988 (maternal family history)
Grandpa's Stories - 1996, new editions, 1998, 2000, 2003, & September 2006    (paternal family history)
A Network of Neudorf - 2002
Our Friesens & Assorted Friesens - 2002, December 2005

Poetry & inspirational Books
Heart 2 Heart poetry chapbook, Christmas Gift edition, 1996, e-book edition 2005
Freelanced articles and short stories - 1977 - 2002
Lots of articles and web content - since 1999!

Bouquet of Enterprises - registered March 1, 2001 but used since September 1983 for various small jobs and services, done with creative flare. Presently the focus is on promoting affiliate links on the internet, and small business ideas. When one business idea becomes a reliable stream of income, it can be broken off to form a subsiduary company. The range of business interests covers publishing print and e-books, translation and virtual office services, including web design, and marketing for affiliates on web sites.

WEB SITES (Scavenger Hunt!)

First Domain name and professional web hosting package - won in a contest on December 15, 2000 from and eBooksN'

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