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Back when I was enjoying fantasies of a perfect husband, I also dreamed that we would start a bunch of wonderful business ventures, mostly to provide employment for my friends, because of course, this husband was going to be wealthy enough not to need to work. He would however agree that work was an honourable and gracious way to help others. Since these were my fantasies I took the romantic notion to name each small company after a flower, and altogether they would be under an umbrella company called Bouquet Enterprises.

When I realized that I had a fantasy, not a prophesy that God was obligated to produce for me on a platter, I finally recognized that I should go home to care for my aging parents. I found I could not get unemployment insurance because I had voluntarily left my job in London, Ontario. I would not go on Social Assistance, and so, because I intended to make some money as a freelance writer, and to take other odd jobs as I was able to creatively find and do them with flare, - I formed in my own paperwork, a little company I did call Bouquet Enterprises. When I filled out my income tax forms (just for the record, as I wasn't making near enough money to owe any taxes), I always did up my stationery and files as a self-employed person with mu business name.

When I went online in 1999, to find ways to self-publish my novel, I following the advice in a book by Dan Poynter, that I borrowed out of the library a number of times, I researched my company name and discovered there was a toy manufacturer by that name in the States. I was really loath to give up my business ideas by now, so I registered my business with the Saskatchewan government as Bouquet of Enterprises. Then I dug in with both heels. I was determined to spend full business hours learning how to publish and market my books on the Internet. On the way I learned a number of other things, and picked up some side-ventures.

I learned to do affiliate marketing from links on my web sites. I taught myself web-design, ezine publishing, and how to use all the legitimate, ethical, but FREE advertising methods I could discover and manage.

On April 27, 2001 I registered my subsidiary company, publishing house. It was not meant to take on other's books; just to publish my own, and to use this as a foundation to distribute the wealth that is to come from it eventually. I have a publishing contract with so that my novel, Ruthe's Secret Roses is available as a Print-on-Demand (POD) book, in print and as an e-book.

At this point I feel that God has brought me to a Spacious Time and Place, where I can focus on this online business of bringing in streams of income from my websites.. I have a few non-profit ministries for whom I maintain their websites, or add announcements, etc., when they ask. Mostly though I'm free to work on my own business agenda - my goal multiple streams of income getting closer and closer!

There have been a few ventures I have retracted from, sometimes because I became concerned about the business ethics of the other parties, and sometimes because I saw that I simply did not have the time to commit to those efforts, remembering my first priorities.

I hope to post press releases in this part of my business website for those who want to follow my progress.

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