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The SiteSell Model of Building
a Web Business

Would you like a little web business of your own that you can operate from your computer at home? One where you set the theme and rules, do any desk work yourself, and take all the income for yourself with clean, easy deposits?

That's where we are going on this page.

SBI takes you right from your initial brainstorming sessions, through finding the BEST keywords for your site, and the best possible domain name, to plotting the layout of your information and learning to write web copy that pre-sells the visitor to desiring what you are offering or recommending.

There is wonderful help available in e-books/courses, in the forums where you can ask all kinds of questions, and get personalized advice. The success stories are quite inspiring! Free free to read between the lines with a skeptical, prove-it-to-me mind.

The BIG advantage is this; it's your web business not SiteSell's. They just provide the software and training to do it up right.

(By the way, Ken had a contest with big prizes for anyone who can find something comparable on the internet. So far, no takers!)

What's better still - if you're starting on a short shoestring budget like mine - you can get access to all this information through Ken's free e-book Courses!

Right! It is possible to apply the principles before you get the software. Praise God!

Many SBI users are reporting that it took them about three to six months to build their web business, but they didn't have to learn HTML coding first, even though that is built in for those who know how to use it. The SBI software regularly submits the completed web pages to the search engines at tactfully plotted intervals, and these sites then draw traffic from the specific searches people do, rather than all kinds of forced advertising thrown in the faces of the masses.

Within that first year, quite a few of these sites are drawing incomes of $1000/month or more for the owners. It only increases with time. (Many have quit their regular job within their first year).

There are so many possibilities! No matter what your personality, experience, or dreams and imagination there IS a decent, honorable way to create a successful business.

Here's a list of some money-making business ideas that have already been tried.

Business Models:

Bringing an off-line (store or service) online

Infopreneurs - Providing information & publishing

Small Home Office/Business

Service (sell your skills, take on projects via the net)

E-goods Creators/Sellers

Hard Goods Creators/Sellers (Store model)

Sales and Rental Agents/Reps/Distributors



NetworkMarketers/Multi-Level Marketers

Net Auction Sellers

Web Professionals

(For more detailed write-ups on each see Summary of Business IdeasThe above are defined at the bottom of that page).

SiteBuildIt takes the mystery out of that term "e-commerce." You can focus on doing business... without having to detour a few years into Business administration at the university level. Come to think of it... if you did, you would still need SBI to get an effective web business at a decent price, according to some Case-studies.

(There's some great folks to answer your questions too! Ask away. They are very considerate and helpful even when you are 'Just Looking.').

The people coming out of university are usually techies who can program and build you a web site with all kinds of flashing, moving parts, and charge you $2000 or more - only for you to discover that no one comes to SEE it.

About the only downside I can see - and I don't know of anyone who has experienced this, might be if one should have a falling out with Ken Evoy or SiteSell, and wanted to pick up his site and move elsewhere, if that person didn't have a backup copy in the raw HTML on his computer, he might have trouble moving to a new host. But all I've heard is rave reviews!

Of course - EVERY web site owner should keep an exact replica of his or her site on their own computer. It's a GIVEN!

The designer of this SiteSell model is Dr. Ken Evoy, a former pediatrician, and toy maker in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. His mantra is;
Content (quality information) leads to ->
Traffic (visitors) which leads to->
Pre-Sell (persuasion to check out and buy), which leads to->
Monetization (making money!)

Ken's advice, which is also my advice is...

1. Pick a primary business model.

2. Blend in additional streams of income, diversifying it into a broader, more profitable business.

And that's all e-commerce really is... using the Net effectively to grow your very OWN business.

Now, what information would you like next?

The links below go off deeper into certain points, where I can show more. I'll go gentle and plain as I know what's it's like to be New on the Net, and not to understand all the business jargon yet. Besides, I have more pages for you!

There's More on:
The Most Important Requirements

Plotting YOUR Business (brainstorming)

Looking over the Business Models

The SiteSell models (this page)

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