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Choosing Your Online
Small Business Model

You are seriously thinking about doing some kind of online business work to earn some money, or perhaps to do some Christian ministry. But what options exactly are out there? What do you need to know and do to make a living online, or to help others?

I can give you a broad picture of the choices and the stages you need to move through to set yourself up as a business you can run from your computer at home.

A few years ago, I heard and read of some individuals who bragged that they did all their business by email. Things change a lot on the net every few months, and I don't hear that any more. It is generally accepted now that you NEED a web site to have an online business. Email is still useful, but marketers are most keen about their email LISTS.

Yes, that means you will need a web site.

You don't absolutely have to know the technical nitty gritty to build a web business!. Still, I'll always be grateful that I taught myself basic web master skills. I think of it akin to being able to drive car myself instead of taking a taxi or being chauffeured everywhere I want to go. It adds freedom!

In fact, I recommend learning the basics of web design as you go;
1. to protect yourself, and
2. for that independence.

So you are thinking, "Don't scare me with all that 'web-master' jargon. Keep it simple. I'm normally bright and catch on quickly, but I'm totally new to this online business stuff, and don't know where to start, or what I should try first."

Great! I'm glad to hear that! You're going to do well then. Being willing to learn and to commit time in front of the computer screen are your first crucial requirements. Everything else you can learn!

It's the doggedly, persevering types that succeed. Those in too great a hurry will get burned and drop out.

I've explored and dabbled in a few programs, and then backed out of some flaky ones, even one that was just way more work than I could handle.. There are many business opportunities that ask you to sign up, they give you a number or user name, and a password and a replication of their site with your number or user name in the URL link. The point of your business then is to promote that URL, and when any sales are made from the visitors you send them, you are to get a commission.

The weakness here is that unless you have lots of experience and know how to drum up those visitors by the thousands and persuade them to buy from that web site, you won't go any where. Some will give you some directions and show you how to plaster all kinds of advertising banners or links to that URL, but like a door-to-door salesman, you'll find few doors opening to your spiel. Especially since hundreds of thousands of others are doing the same online; it's a game of chance to see who is going to click on YOUR coded link, and be naive or rash enough to lay out money to strangers. What has discouraged me about this model is that I don't feel right about trapping unsuspecting foolish and ignorant people into spending money. Even if it's for a fairly decent product.

The clever owners of those Opportunity models are making the money! They keep coming up with new angles too, although lots of them border on the illegal, if they are not already that.

Some blatantly announce that you JUST have to pay $39.95 a month (-or whatever small regular fee), and they'll do all the marketing. You won't have to lift a finger to make money.

I warn you; human nature is NOT so generous! Give those Opportunities a wide berth! Learn to research any and EVERY deal before you sign up. There are sites that act as watch dogs on them. Upon investigation, they may turn out to be gifting clubs, pyramids, and ponzie schemes, which are illegal in most states and provinces. Governments are cracking down on them, and you could get charged and fined or put in prison for taking part. (Doug Williams wrote an eye-opener on this in his training ezine, which I've referenced on this page.

Personally, I like best the SiteSell model of business online, but I do watch some that intrigue me, and sometimes try them out to see how things appear inside. Then when my conscience tells me it is not wise to promote that business to others, I do back out and close my account as fairly as possible.

The SiteBuildIt suite at SiteSell, allows you to build an online business out of whatever is your own passion, by turning it into a web business from a very rich, creme de la creme web site that you create with their software.

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