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Recently I came across some older advice from a man named Doug Williams, who was running some traffic exchanges. He has since passed away, but he gave some excellent advice and shared what he had learned in the business world that was wise discernment about the kind of internet businesses to AVOID like a plague. Some of these things I've encountered myself and have my guard up, but when people are anxious to make some money online, they are inclined to believe hyped up ads, and ignore those with some common sense.

For the sake of those open to sensible advice and warnings, I'd like to repeat some of Doug's observations and blunt warnings. These third rate opportunities are killing your success, rather than all they promise you.

Doug reported that people in his traffic exchanges were NOT happy with his policy to deny users the right to promote Doubler, Pay-it-Forward, High Yield Investmentsand other get rich quick ponzi like programs, that he called bogus.

Doug also rejected the Australian Two Upsystem. This is a system where someone you sponsor/refer to a program pays to join and the commission rolls past you to an upline sponsor. This program design has been illegal for years in the real world and are not to be construed as legal today just because they are being presented on the Internet.

He predicted things would only get worse on the internet; sure enough - they have!

Doug warned urgently to remember that you cannot escape the Federal Tax Departments of our western countries. They are aware of these money-making schemes, and will track them down - no matter how long it takes. If you get caught in the same fishing net, you will not find mercy nor a way to get excused.

Many of these programs are run from off-shore locations. One example Doug cited was RealityMillions. It was run by a person that did not give his name, yet promised to make you rich. That may slow the tax department down, but they would find him, and all those who had trusted him would lose their money.

In fact, if you do make some money from these schemes, when the Tax Dept has your number, they will seize all your assets to cover the profits made without paying the proper taxes. (Perhaps even those of the person who set up the wicked scheme!)

Doug Williams was convinced that the Internet was becoming a hot-bed of these shysters. At the same time, he said that while the USA and the Canadian authorities might have their differences, they were teaming up to deal with Internet crime. Even in 2005 they were joining together and had busted dozens of huge child porn rings in Europe, Australia, Canada, and the USA. Plus several other countries. Most of these investigations were begun by a special Internet Crime unit in Toronto, Canada.

In more recent years (prior to 2005), both Canada and the US authorities had broken up numerous scammers' programs in their countries.

Good for them! I wish I could confirm that they are still doing that!

I'm not sure what connections Doug had for his information, but he reported of a joint effort of the US and Canadian authorities which took in the operators of two large rings which ran on both sides of the border. One ran from Toronto, and one from Montreal. Both rings were about telephone/internet activities using credit assistant, and/or investment opportunities - obviously, a great way to gain trust and get personal information on their credit ratings for their ripoffs.

Government agencies consider themselves ripped off - rather than being concerned about victims like you or me. (Sounds rather cynical, but I think Doug knew whereof he spoke and wrote.)

If you have made some easy and fast money, you have reason to be afraid they will show up at your bank, or your front door. If you lie and do not have legal source-stories of how you got that money, ... well, you do have reasons to be very nervous. In both Canada and the USA you cannot claim "ignorance" as an excuse.

True. White-collar criminals don't always go to jail. But you can expect to pay lawyer fees, fines, etc. You might just wish you could go to prison and pay with some "time" instead.

I admire people of integrity! If you want to see what my goals and standards of doing business are based on, look for my articles on the principles I have found in the book of Proverbs in the Bible. Check my Articles on this Site. There are references scattered throughout, but that is where I place the most article on integrity and Biblical wisdom and counsel.

On other thing. If you would like to check out some business opportunities that I have checked out carefully and feel I can recommend; also, if you wonder what kind of online business would be best for you personally, I suggest you go explore my ebook called, "40 Online Business Ideas."

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