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Meredith, a handmade doll, with sculpted fabric body and a lunscious mane of auburn hair available for a private sale for a minimum of $50 Canadian.

Meredith, a handmade doll, with sculpted body and a luscious mane of auburn hair

See more about Meredith, My Special Doll with sculpted body, a luscious mane of auburn hair, satin panteloons, and burgundy velvet shoes. Her dress is of sheer cotton voile, and she has a little mink stole for her shoulders!

If you are interested you can reach me through my "reach me" form. Please specify that you are interested in Meredith.

Secondly, I have two vintage double-sided and framed school slates, with one stylus, from the 1920s to 1950s era. See more on this special page about these Vintage School Slates and how to arrange for a private sale.

vintage school slates from 1920s to 1950s

Use the same "Reach Me" form above to inquire about buying these slates.

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