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Meredith is my very special handmade doll - one of a kind!

Meridith - My Special Fashion Doll

Meredith's Story

My dear friend and former room-mate, gave me the pattern for this doll when I was moving home in 1983 to care for my parents. I used to make a lot of stuffed dolls and teddy bears when I lived in London, Ontario. The making of this special doll, a better pattern and quality of material than I had ever tried before was some comfort to me in my loneliness. I sorely missed my friends.

It didn't take long until I was positively SURE this doll should be called Meredith. I talked to her while I made her. I usually sold my dolls, but got rather attached to this one, and said I would never let her go for less than $50!

Only problem is, she has sat in my glass gift cupboard for many years now, and I guess I could let her go now. I'm still hoping she is worth more than $50!

About Meredith's Body and Clothes

This first class well-bred lady has a sculpted body of heavy white sport cotton, as you can see by her face. She has a luxurious mane of auburn hair (yarn) with pink velvet ribbons. Meredith wears two strands of pearls, and a print dress of sheer cotton voile, over a slip and long satin, lace-trimmed pantaloons. The dress has a light green satin ribbon for a sash.

She also carries her little mink stole with her everywhere. Sitting still as she does so often, makes her feel chilly. On her feet are maroon velvet shoes.

While she is original enough to belong in a collection of rare dolls, and though Meredith has been a look-at, talk-to doll for me, she would be quite durable for a younger child who would take her everywhere, and give her more exercise. In that case though, she might need a wardrobe of play clothes.

Since it doesn't seem likely that I'm going to ever get my collection going, I'll willing to bless some other doll collector, or child, with Meredith.

Her Vital Statistics:

Hand-made in 1983.
Full length is 25 inches
arm spread out to 21 inches from fingertips to fingertips
hair is 15 inches long

Meredith - 
lying down with her mink stole for a pillow
another pose of Meredith
Another pose:

Minimum asking price is $50. Open to bids.

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