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The Affiliate Programs I Recommend

Thank you for showing interest in my favourite Affiliate programs. I've got a whole Bouquet of Enterprises that I'm happy to share with you.

Feel free to check any and all of these out. If you think you could get excited about their products and want to spread the word and promote the opportunity to others, by all means do!!

First, a few tips I've garnered in my explorations and efforts;

1. Study up on a number of programs, and if you can, get the product yourself, get familiar with it, and be sure you believe in it before you try to convince others to sign up as customers or as affiliates.

2. The better programs will send you regular and helpful emails with tips for promotion. You can learn a lot about marketing from them. Study them and try them out. Use banners tastefully if you have a website. Focus more on persuasive text and text links. You won't make money accidentally at this. Not unless you already have 1000s coming to your site, and people hanging on your every word. In other words, your success will be in a direct ratio with the time you spend promoting them.

3. Set up some way of keeping track of your own affiliate programs and passwords, etc., and also how you advertise them. Believe you me, the day will come when you'll get something confused! It's embarrassing to have to email for basic INFO over again.

4. The smartest way to promote is to produce a good quality ezine, develop a following, and share your affiliate ads/links with those who learn to trust and respect your opinion.

5. Or best of all, learn to build a website about a topic that fascinates and absorbs you. Then add links and references to appropriate products of affiliate programs that go well with your topic. Attract traffic (visitors) to your site with Personality, and they'll be delighted to click on things you recommend.

My First and All-time Favourite is the 5 Pillar Club!

This is the Affiliate program for all the SiteSell Products by Ken Evoy. He writes a weekly email to affiliates that is a wonderful training course for any affiliate work you want to do. A free Ad Tracker is provided for you.

Note: when Ken has a certain number of Affiliates he will close the program. No one else can join, but his affiliates will be able to make a good living by selling his products. Another top notch product is added about every two months. The very BEST part is the SiteBuildIt! or SBI. (You'll hear more on that!)

Anyone who purchases from your Affiliate link in this business, is your lifetime customer. Even if that person goes back years later to make another purchase, you get the commission!

You may join from any of the product links, or 5 Pillar Club.

Make Your SITE Sell; (my Gift to YOU!)
Make Your CONTENT Pre-Sell (Another GIFT!)
Make Your Net Auction Sell;(a third Gift!)
Learn how giving away these gifts on your site, or to personal friends can bring you an income as an affiliate.

Products with Commissions
Make Your KNOWLEDGE Sell; (make 25%)
Make Your PRICE Sell; (30%) Dynamically priced!
Make Your WORDS Sell; (25%) Dynamically priced!
SiteBuildIt! (make 25%)

SiteBuildIt! (SBI) is our main money maker. Besides persuading others to buy it, you'll want one yourself! Get an SBI website for whatever theme you choose. This does the ftp, coding, meta tags, keyword density, and search engine submissions for you. They'll register your domain for you, and you really don't have to know all the techie stuff to create one money-making website after another.

EXTRA! Surefire Premium Processing for Premium Companies" (pay/lead & BONUSES up to $10,000!) We offer this to businesses wanting to put up complex shopping options on their site.

Want to do more research first? Free Trials or Samples of e-books available

You can also check out specific pages for: Results ~ A Quicktour ~ Discover your Passion ~ BuildIt ~ Proof it works! ~ Content-Traffic-Pre-sell-Monetize ~ SiteSell ~ Info Publisher (be one) ~ sell eGoods ~ find your business model ~ Free trials ~ Find out ~ sell Real Estate ~ for students' heads up!

FREE Masters Courses;

Affiliate Masters Course! - Pure Platinum!(ebook)
Pricing Masters Course - Get the Perfect Price for your Products or Service
Netwriting Masters Course - Want to Sell more on the Net?
Service Sellers Masters Course (ebook)
Getting Started in the 5 Pillar Affiliate Program (ebook)
E-Business Builder - (ebook) How to use SiteBuiltIt for a Rolls Royce Web Business!

If you join 5 Pillar Club, I will do my best to encourage you, and answer questions.

(In fact, I invite you to sign up for a separate little ezine, (formerly Encouragement & Action), called eAction for motivational words, and marketing tips meant just for my downline friends. Subscribe from the eAction page).

Or, just put my eAction blog address into your RSS feed reader.

Other Affiliate Programs:

My World Changer Mall has the MOST potential right now! You get a regular income from each of your front line, and a commission off their online shopping as well as your own, PLUS all kinds of gift certificates that you may use to shop locally for your groceries and gas for your car. You can't lose!

NEWBIE CLUB - with Joe Robson

Excellent tutorials with screen-shots and plain instructions for Windows and other Internet stuff. More e-books to be added, and since the number of new people coming online is only going to increase for a number of years, this is going to be in constant demand.

The bigger commissions are yet to come! Join now!Or go look at the Window Instruction page first.

Affiliate Bookstores

As a writer and publisher, naturally, I've started adding some bookstores to my list of Affiliate Programs. - earth's biggest online bookstore.

Look for buttons to others on this page. (Some of these are loath to give out a text link).


Another option, if you are thinking of starting to charge people for money from your website but can't afford an e-commerce setup, is to go with ClickBank. For about $50 they will do it all for you, and give you an affiliate program so that others will help sell your electronic product (has to be downloadable) They deduct $1 and a small percentage from each sale you make, but no monthly fees to worry about when sales slow down. ClickBank

I personally use ClickBank to take Credit Card payments, as well as offering the PayPal options.

Even if you don't need that, you can join as a ClickBank Affiliate and choose as many as you wish from a huge affiliate list in the ClickBank Marketplace. Sign up with as many of them as you like. Put links to them in your ezine, emails, on your website, at AutoLinkPro - every where, and you can earn anywhere from 5%-50% commissions, depending on which affiliates you chose.

Like this.

eBooksN'Bytes is a major resource on writing, publishing and marketing your ebooks.

Activ-E-Book Compiler

Vegetarian Cookbook

There many more for you, it all depends on your favourite topics/products, but let me not fail to show you -- Ta-Da!


Ruthe's Secret Roses!

Yes, if you provide links to my novel and someone clicks on one of those, and ends up buying my e-book version, ClickBank will see to it that you get 50% of the sale! Go here for more details on this offer.

Remember, for all these ClickBank Merchants, you need to have a ClickBank name first, but that's free and easy to get! Join ClickBank here.


There, that's a generous selection to choose from. You'll be most like me if you carefully check each one out, pray, and then pick only the ones you feel good about.

When you are satisfied with your choices, please send me an email and give me the good news! I want to be happy for you!!

What's more, I have a bi-weekly email for my downline members in all my programs. For the present, I'm calling it eAction. It is just a short cheer you up section, plus a few tips for doing your promotional work for FREE. If you sign up under any one of the programs above, you are automatically subscribed, although you can easily unsubscribe if it is a bother to you.

Blessings & Thanks,
Ruth Marlene Friesen

P.S. I refuse to sign up for the lottery programs, and a lot of the click 4 hits ideas too, however, if you are serious about making money and working at it, you wil eventually be making money.


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