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Use Your Pain to Gain Income

make hay of your pain

My last article hinted at a variety of ways to make money. This time I’ll show you how you can use your pain to gain income. I’ll also introduce you to several businesses that will allow you to do that. In some cases, in multiple ways.

Are you someone who seems to have one problem after another, and sometimes half a dozen troubles all at once!?

I’ve got news for you! There are ways to use your pain to gain income; you CAN make money from your problems. A farming expression comes to mind - “Making Hay with our Pain.”

I did that with a room full of 75 pots and pails full of aloe vera plants. Way too many, I didn’t just want to dump them. I’d thought at first I would have to find a way to keep producing them, and selling them online, but I worried about how to ship them.

When Dad died I had to dispose of most of them, and move into a tiny house of my own in the city. Was I too late?

Solution/Information/Affiliate Websites

No. I built a website about aloe vera and can now make some money from affiliate links without having to package and sell any plants. No fuss, no muss. But my experiences and wisdom gained help me to counsel others in this area. (In fact, I do sell some plants on the side when I mention on Facebook that I have some for sale, my friends start showing up at my door.)

Maybe you have too much of something. Rooms full of used books?!

I’ve got an idea for that!

my office nook in my home

There was a video course called Book Boss, which taught you how to make a business out of selling used books on Amazon. It helped you to recognize the really valuable finds and sell those for much more. Also how to clean used books up so you can market them as in excellent or nearly new condition. The owner of that video course now sells books by the pallet full!

Unfortunately, I can’t find where this Book Boss course is offered now - though I suspected I'd find it in the new company, which bought up the one that put out Book Boss. However that search has drawn a blank.

Maybe you do not have enough of something, and you have learned to get around it by being creative and resourceful with what you do have at hand. (Necessity is the Mother of Invention).

For example, what if you have had to cope all your life with a handicap? Perhaps you have one injured or lame hand, and have to do everything with the other? Wouldn’t people who suddenly lose one hand soon be on the internet looking to see how to cope with just one hand? You probably have more answers for them than you realize. You’re way ahead in figuring out how to cope with one hand.

One man’s wife had an embarrassing health problem. I still don’t know what it was, but once they found the solution to that problem, the man put up a website. There he offered to provide information for the solution for a price. Naturally, he’s making lots of money!

Because others have that embarrassing problem too, and go searching online for answers.

If you have a certain point of pain, others do also. Find the solution to that problem and you can sell it to those looking for answers to the same problem. That is why health and wellness products sell so well. Take weight loss solutions - they top the lists. Have you found one that really works? People who are desperate will try even weird things they never heard of before.

Oh please, I beg you not to cheat those poor souls!)

Rebates - When on Tight Budgets

What if you have become a coupon queen? You know what it is like to be super frugal to make ends meet. You have information to share that will help others in those shoes.

Now, lest you think that all my ideas involve building niche information sites (though that is one major idea), you could also promote free membership in CashBack, and the use of their rebate card. You can get rebates or certificates on almost everything you buy, and if you invite others to join under you, and they do the same, you will make an income from a pinch of all their rebates too.

One man did some research and the math and discovered that this is hands-down far more profitable than joining MLMs. (And CashBack is a loyalty program, NOT an MLM company!) See my webpage, with that man’s video at the bottom of the page; (it was called Lyoness back then). It takes you through his discovery process.

eCommerce - Willing to Do Business

Have you heard of eCommerce?

Selling things online without a physical store of your own, is growing by leaps and bounds globally each month and year! It is as huge as the Industrial Revolution was in the early 1900s! The ways to buy and sell are scaled up tremendously! This is going to affect almost everyone on planet earth!

If you are not afraid of work and understand the concept of selling physical items online, then you might want to consider getting into eCommerce.

Do you see now? You can sell without any heavy lifting, or wrapping parcels, or putting on postage or shipping via couriers - all that is done for you!

Making Products and Widgets - to Sell

But say! Listen to this. Because buying and selling is ramping up so much, there is a growing need for PRODUCTS! Some people somewhere, have to start making them, and in large enough quantities to satisfy the demand world-wide. So if you are someone who can make something - and become your own little factory. Or, maybe grow to the place where you hire others to make them for you, so the people doing eCommerce can buy and sell them from there.

You understand what that means, right?

This is more than just being truthful, honest and kind in all our business dealings. Making hay with our pain may be a clever way of using what we have to create a profitable business, but we have to watch out for that demon Greed, which likes to sneak up on us when we are busy thinking about money and forgetting that we belong to Christ. If we are walking in the Light of His Word, we must remember to be Christ-like in even these decisions about what business ventures we will take up and how we handle them.

This is why I strongly recommend some deep, prayerful thinking before you make decisions at all points along your online business. (Just as you should in a local storefront). Before you take the plunge and choose a business model is a good time for a few days of weighing the pros and cons and how it will affect your life, and your family. Pray, and ask God to give you clear insights and a sense of direction.

Then stop frequently to check in with the Lord, because you are making more decisions every day. At first they may seem scary but after a while you end up making so many you begin to feel you have the hang of this, and can run on your own feet now.

Watch out. At that point you are most subject to temptations and can veer off into a rabbit trail that turns out to be a trap for you.

Some Business mentors teach that you need to gain a great self- confidence and believe in the power of You. I say no, a spirit of humility and readiness to learn, and to research options carefully is far better. Your success may come more slowly like mine, but then, it is worth a great deal to me to have a clear conscience!

If you stick around with me, you’ll find me talking and writing like this from time to time. Maybe it is just the kind of help you need, eh? Then, let’s walk ahead together!

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