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Hi! I have a Bouquet of Enterprises to tell you about.

But first - you want to know if I am safe to do business with, right?

Facts about Me;

Ruth Marlene Friesen:
I grew up as the eldest of five, with a sickly mother, so I learned to work and care for siblings early. I spent 12 years on my own in London, ON. and was active in church childrens' clubs and ministries.

Moved back home in 1983 to care for my aging parents. On the side I was an AWANA and VBS leader, did crafts, had a Pen Pal club, . . . . Also took on family history book projects and a massive translation job (700 pages)! I continued as alive-in caregiver another 10 years for Dad after Mom died in 1997. (Dad died at 91 in 2007)

Main Careers and Works: Switchboard Operator, receptionist, novelist, writer, web designer, friend/mentor. My Hobbies: genealogy, making books and booklets, greeting cards & a wanna be artist. (I did sell a number of hand-made teddy bears and dolls.

My Comfort foods: peanut butter, nuts, cheddar cheese and yogurt!

My Pet peeves: "email forwards," and people who pass on the highway over solid lines (especially near intersections where I'm about to turn left!)

Items I'm Offering for Sale (this list may change from time to time);

Meredith, a VERY special, handmade doll

Vintage toys:
2 small school slates with one stylus

a small metal flat iron and metal holding plate

Aloe Vera plants (mine multiply like crazy; the tricky part is how to ship them any distance - so only in-person sales, please.

novel, Ruthe's Secret Roses which has its own website!

A Little More "Personal" About Me;
I've always had a runaway imagination, and years ago I dreamed that I'd marry a fine, intelligent gentleman who would make all these ideas for small businesses come true. Well, instead-- God brought me home to look after my aged parents, and took time to mature me, and show me that I could carry out a lot of these ideas myself!

It was slow because I've started on a zero budget. Mom passed away in 1997, but I continued as Dad's live-in caregiver with free room and board as my compensation for another 10 years. Since he needed companionship rather than nursing care, I worked online while he dozed in his chair.

My first desire was to learn to publish my novel online. I learned that I would have to have a website to promote the novel, so I taught myself web design from scratch. My learning curve was steep! I felt like I've been to university several times!

From all the FREE information out there on the net, I've taught myself web design. I published my novel by POD, and have made a number of good friends around the world, especially through my novel-site, Ruthes-Secret Roses and my weekly email LIST: The RoseBouquet. My novel and that site often refer to my friends as roses in my garden of friendship. All the while I've tried out a number of free income programs, and discarded a lot of them as I've become more discerning.

At my genealogy web site, A Godly Inheritance I offer PDF print-outs of my family history books.

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Ruth Marlene Friesen

Ruth Marlene Friesen
The Responsible One

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