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Where's a good search engine when you want your mouse on one?

Use this Google search box to zero in on what you're looking for right now.


There is another option, when doing research, or you want to be still more thorough and complete! SearchIt! It's part of the SiteBuildIt package. I've got access to a demo version for you that has only one limitation. We can't do more than one search every 30 seconds. (But even I am rarely that fast and nimble! ~GRIN~)

Try it out. Click this link SearchIt, (then also the link in the popup window).

Take a peek especially the first time at all those long option menus! The number of search engines that can be searched there for you, has been increased to 111!

The brainstorming for keywords alone is priceless for webmasters, but it does dozens of other extensive and in-depth searches. It is a good idea to bookmark that link, and to keepthat window open in an upper corner of your browser most of the day!

You can of course, look over my Sitemap if you are looking for a certain page on this site.

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