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What Can You Get for $1?

by Ruth Marlene Friesen

finding and running your own online business

MLSP has been putting on 5 Day Challenges for several years now,, from their Facebook page, which means that in just 5 days you can get some good basic training for almost free. These are geared for new beginners in online marketing and especially shows you free ways to promote your business on social media.

Stacey Hall prepared one about how to get people to come to you or me and ask about our business, rather than us chasing after people and trying to get them to buy our product(s) or to sign up under us. (This is still available in the MLSP VIP group but to get access to it you simply sign up for the $1 for a 30 days trial membership.)

How about working from home?

Stacey called it “Go for YES.” Most MLM companies train new distributors to just go share your business with anyone and everyone that comes within 3 feet of you, and if you tried it, you may have become discouraged and quit. Because they are told to expect people to say “NO” however, you are to keep approaching people until you get someone to say “Yes.” (Often they do that to get you off their back! Not because they really want to join your "opportunity.")

This NEW Marketing approach that MLSP teaches us is to attract people to ourselves first, and make them curious about what we are doing for our business. So they come to ASK us for information!

Stacey’s 5 day Challenge was a huge success. Many hundreds of people joined (for free if a member of MLSP; just a $1 for those who are not). I have long felt I was too busy for social media, but I decided to give it a good try, and soon was getting people responding to my first stage posts.

Well, another 5 Day Challenge is by Diane Hochman, a top earner in 3 or 4 companies, and she teaches us how to use mailings lists the way she does. She admits to not being a good writer, and having poor English grammar, but when she sends an email to her loyal list members, she can make $1000 in the next 24 hours!

I’ve learned about the importance of a mailing list - how that is pure Gold for marketers, and I’ve already set up about 13 lists. But I know I’m not using them to their maximum potential so I’m looking forward to doing this 5 Day Challenge again.

Now I already pay my monthly membership in MLSP of $49.US so I can get into this course for free. If you can’t do that yet, or are afraid this might not be a good move for you, then for $1 you can sign up as temporary member of MLSP for 30 days, and get in on this course on Facebook.

I would jump at this!

Back in 2015 a woman whose common sense I liked, recommended this organization, and I was able to get a 10 day Trial membership for $10. I decided to take that and to get into the MLSP back office and snap up as much free training as I could in those 10 days. I found so much there, that I prayed about and decided to go for the lowest level membership of $49.US. I have not been sorry!

I invite you to join me!

Now you can get 30 days for just $1. (This COVID crisis has got many companies offering special deals because they know many folks can’t afford much, but the training you get in MLSP can zoom you miles ahead in an online business that will bring you incomes you can only dream of!)

By the way MLSP does not promote any one particular business. They just focus on providing training for any and all business types. But they do have an affiliate program that is free. If you are a member you can sign up for that, get a coded link and as you give that out to others, if they decide to buy some of digital courses that they offer, you will get a commission.

At the higher membership levels you earn 100% of those courses as your commission! I hope to get to that place one day yet. However, even at the basic membership level you can access dozens of free video courses to learn many aspects of an online business that they have built up since they began in 2008.

PLUS: The members of MLSP - many of whom you meet at the Wednesday webinars - are like one big happy family. Soon you feel like you know them all personally!

Okay. Are you coming too? Oh right… You need to know where to go to sign up. Right Here: List Leverage.

If you still have questions… do write back and ask! (You know where to find the contact form on this site, right?)

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