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By Ruth Marlene Friesen

If you want to learn how to attract quality BUYERS and customers to you on Facebook. Instead of having to have waste hours of your time ‘chatting’ on messenger with tire-kickers… JOIN US WEDNESDAY NIGHT at 9 PM EST (That’s 6 pm. EST) - and you will learn how to get QUALITY people reaching out to you!

Hey, why the long face? Are you crying the blues because you don’t have enough financial resources to sign up for regular payments to become a member of MLSP?

Okay. I’ve been there. I understand. But then you need to become resourceful and work at learning whatever you can, wherever you can get in for free. Start applying the small steps that you CAN take for free, and gradually more opportunities will open up for you.

Each Wednesday night Training webinar is the most PRIME example I know of where, if you keep signing up each week for this webinar, and you faithfully make time to attend and to take notes, you are going to discover some priceless information that other places would charge for.

I cannot guarantee that each week the training will be on getting leads in Facebook. Sometimes it is about Twitter, sometimes about blogging, sometimes the training is about affiliate marketing, or how to create your own sales funnel. No end of terrific ideas!

You know, I came on the internet in 1999 eager to find out how I could self-publish my novel. I was caring for my Dad as a live-in caregiver, with NO salary. I truly was trusting God to meet my needs - and I could tell you many stories of how He did that, in very unique and original ways! But I had committed myself to trusting Him, and not to go whining or complaining when I was broke.

During those non-salary, non-welfare years from 1999 to 2007 I ate up all the free information I could find online about building my own websites, and marketing my affiliate links. I did publish my novel, Ruthe’s Secret Roses, and I now own more than 10 websites, and I’ve built a number of sites for ministries and missions. Three of my circus of 20+ websites are over 1000 pages each!

I was too busy with mission work for a number of years (2007-2019) but now I’m getting back into online business work, and hey, I still find there are many ways to spot good training information for free! MLSP Webinars are the best!

I have turned away from that company because I cannot approve with a major change they have made, so I no longer recommend them. Sorry!

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