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I had a wonderful plan for a Solo Web Business Incubation/Training Course, and was eager to start in 2007 when I moved into Saskatoon. But for various reasons it did not happen. I called it Azaleas Virtual Assistants.

Instead I've lived through the kind of work I was going to teach, and can attest to the fact that it can be done, BUT there is a huge learning curve, and having someone teach me as I was doing it, would have speeded up my learning curve a lot!

Now I am dreaming of offering an adapted version of this plan. It is not ready to start just yet. So I've taken the old pages off the site, and will present the NEW plan when I'm ready to roll it out.

What Are Virtual Assistants?

Virtual Assistants are something like Administrative Assistants (formerly secretaries), who do much of the paper work and carrying out of the duties of the boss or business owner. With one big exception - a Virtual Assistant works from another location. It can be at home, or another office, but the communcations and passing of assigments and completed work is all done online - via electronic methods.

This assistant may be freelancing and working for several people or companies. Depending on the Virtual Assitant's skills and arrangements with the particular client, the work can expand to include things that an in-house administrative assistant would not be so likely to do. It could include;

building, maintaining, and updating a website
managing the company image in social media
sending out emails to mailing lists
designing documents and books for publication
booking tours and travel

You can see that there are many directions the work of a Virtual Assistant can take. You may never meet the client or boss in person. Why, you can even be on different continents! I could name a dozen around the globe that I work with, but have never seen face to face.

To see more of my types of work and style, I recommend you read my brochure, The Responsble One. However, don't judge all Virtual Assistants by me. I know I'm rather unique. In fact, I listened in recently to a radio discussion about Eccentric individuals and the colourful, creative lives they lead. I decided right then and there, to start using that word to describe me too. I certainly fit their definitions! (.... Maybe I'll write soon about the ways in which I am eccentric).

Am I Available for More Work?

Not really. I hesitate to take on more clients right now, as I've got quite a lot of work with my own websites, and business ventures. I have just laid out a list and agenda for a number of products I want to produce and sell online. I feel these will pay off better in the long run than doing this work for others.

Sometimes I do agree to take on a job that will only take an evening or a day or two. The extra cash-flow is handy. But because I tend to be the responsible one who takes care of things for others, I am cautious about jobs that will turn into another regular, full-time kind of job.

(Hey, I already have 8 or 10 of those! That's why I'd like to offer a course to train others to take on some of these jobs).

I enjoy building websites, editing newsletters, writing articles or web content, working with photos and graphics too, especially in designing tracts, booklets, and brochures for publication. Oh yes, and writing and editing books as well.

As my services become available they will appear in this section and be linked to from this page; you might want to bookmark it then.

I can also recommend that you follow me through my eAction blog, (restarted it), or my RoseBouquet blog/ezine/ RSS feed for friends and followers on my novel's site. There is a weekly section about the work I'm doing currently.

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Ruth Marlene Friesen
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