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The newest and most exciting venture I have taken on is INFINii. Now is a great time to go into eCommerce! It is the next BIG megatrend. While many bricks and mortar stores are losing ground, the online buying and selling is thriving and growing by percentages that are more and more in 3-digit figures! Those who sign up to join INFINii, learn some great ways to profit from selling online in a number of ways, and are soon in the money!

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YES, "Internationals" outside USA cam do it too!

My novel is, Ruthe's Secret Roses (for softcover) and my own book's site has the digital editions.

I'm also marketing Aloe Vera Products in Canada and/or in the USA mostly from my aloe vera and handy herbs website. (You could too! It's free to become a Forever Living Business owner, and get 35% off your own orders.)

Another networking opportunity is with Lyoness. That's about a loyalty card for shopping so that you always get money back. (Also free to join, but you need someone to get an Invitation to Join sent to you).

Besides taking on a few web design clients, I work on a number of themed websites of my own, and add affiliate links, and answer questions by email. I learned this business model from SBI. See more below.

An important tool is to set up autoresponders. For this I'm glad to recommend TrafficWave - which also has an affiliate program that pays well.

Marketing my novel is what first drove me to the internet to learn how to be a business woman, but I've always wanted to be a godly and ethical one.

In learning how to market my book, I've discovered many other useful products and programs. Some do better than others, but all keep improving as my knowledge and skills turn into wisdom and good timing.

You will find my books and e-books, both the ones I've written and some that I've got the rights to sell, in my Books section.

The other ventures and products are listed on this page, with links where to find more information.

You may not be nearly as eager and willing to try some NEW things as I am, but then on the other hand, you might be far more game than I am to give it a go!

You are here to find out which online businesses I find worthy of my efforts. (Believe me, I've dropped some that just didn't measure up to my standards and goals).

The very first e-Book and Affiliate Program that I came upon back in 1999 was the Make Your Site SELL e-book, and Dr. Ken Evoy's business, SiteSell. His program for Affiliates is known as the 5 Pillar Club.

The sampler of the Make Your Site SELL e-book rang as the bell of truth in my mind. A successful business man was giving away secrets, and writing them up so wittily and plainly that even I could understand! Astonishing!

My two best websites are SBI sites! They get the highest traffic numbers and the best feedback from my visitors. I just wish I had more hours to put into them. They have such great potential.

Now we even have an SBI TV to watch on this site, and I've added the You CAN Fly video too!

Ruth Marlene Friesen
Ruth Marlene Friesen
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