A Bouquet of Enterprises
to Show You

You want to know more about me - is it safe to do business with me?

Fair enough. I would too, in your shoes.

My life has many facets and interests. The over-riding traits however throughout all of them, are perseverance, faithfulness, and that when I take responsibility for a work or project, it is hard to pry my fingers off - I have always been the oldest sister in charge, or The Responsible One (see brochure).

You may also read about me and more about me if you are interested.

I have many ideas for small businesses to start - when "my ships come in" (that's an idiom for: when I finally can afford it). My main delay is that I have too many interests, and take on more than I can comfortably do with immediate success.

Another thing slowing me down is that I insist on high ethical morals in all that I do; but this is to your advantage. It means you can trust my recommendations to a larger degree.

Bouquet of Enterprises

This is the mother of all the other businesses. The one that new ideas are hatched and nursed along in before they go out to start a nest of their own. It covers my book publishing right now, and my own affiliate websites.

Azaleas Virtual Assistants

This is one under which I take care of client websites, and jobs like editing, book formating, and other office-type jobs. Right now I hesitate to take on more clients until I can afford to hire some help.

Now, if you find that all hard to understand... maybe I can explain it to you in greater detail through an exchange of emails. Use this form to reach me.

VIDEO Everything You Need To Build An Online Business! - SBI!

SBI! - Building a Web Business

Don't You Just Love Success Stories?

I do! It's always inspiring to see how someone has overcome some obstacles in their life, and found a way to turn their lemons into lemonade, or somehow find a good way to make a living. Very often using a passion or a problem they had to deal with on the way. Recently I've read several pages full of these success stories of people who needed to make a living for their family, and they somehow got connected to SiteBuildIt (SBI), and because of their due diligence, and the excellent help they got, they now have a successful web business. Some of them make very handsome incomes! You can read them too at Case-Studies.

You have to be an affiliate to get into the forums, but there are four long, l-o-n-g pages of stories of how people found SBI and what a difference it is making in their lives. I wish you could read those too! Makes me grin with hope.

Thanks to the good folks at SiteSell, I can let you SEE what we're talking about through this video TV player right here on this site! Check it out! :)

Does your spirit groan with desire to make a good living? To use your gifts and skills in a meaningful way, and be rewarded for your hard work? - But you feel like you have nothing with which to start a business?

See me nodding in empathy?

I know what it is like to start with a zero budget, or a shoestring too short to so much as wrap around your finger - never mind tie it even!

Still. It IS possible. It just takes longer.

There's no real shame in being poor. Only in being lazy, and unwilling to work. If you are eager to learn and to work hard, you can succeed! Wonderfully!

But you must not give up. If one way doesn't work, pray, make sure you're going in the right direction, and about it correctly, and try again, or hunt for an alternate solution. It will probably turn out to be the best thing that ever happened to you! It usually does.

I have SO MUCH to share with you! Both personal stories, and suggestions for how to speed up the learning curve, without taking the false detours I've taken. If you end up on a rabbit trail, don't despair. It's a lesson in your University of Hard Knocks. You're not likely to make that mistake again - which is worth something down the line. But if you'll heed my advice, you can skip some of those hard knock lessons and forge ahead to a quicker success.

First, you ought to bookmark this page, as a lot of new links and directions will be added. (Don't assume this will stay the same).

One of the best ways to move ahead is to latch on to someone you respect, and become friends, and take their advice. If you want to latch on to me, I'll do my very best to give you honest and good counsel, and to be a good example.

Mission Statement:

This Bouquet of Enterprises is meant to bring me an income large enough to accomplish my publishing goals, and to be able to give away generously. I long to be a Giver like God! Along the way, I'm always ready to teach and share what I know, particularly if you too, are eager to have God involved in Your business ventures, and are willing to live by high ethical standards.

Here are My 7 Financial Principles that form my standards and boundaries.

30 Minute List Building Challenge

Ruth Marlene Friesen
Ruth Marlene Friesen
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