Your Business Offers

“What are your business offers?” I was asked this week.

Oops! I didn’t have an answer ready right away.

Can I make a list to share when someone asks, or should I prepare just one of my business offers to give when asked?

I think what I’ve learned from MLSP is to first screen the prospect and find out which of ‘my business offers’ he or she would be most interested in.

On the other hand, I’ve booked a table at a community Garage Sale this Saturday. Should I not have some business cards ready with my promo links? It’s a chance to meet strangers face-to-face, and I may have a chance to ask questions, but who knows in advance which of my offers, or opportunities each one might respond to?

There. I stopped writing to go prepare handouts with my business offers. Now, I’m not saying this the best or only way to present your business offers to others, but just in case you have no clue where to start, I thought I’d show you my way of doing this at this time.

I designed them as mini-flyers, 4 to a sheet, and when this PDF file is printed duplex, that is, on both sides of one sheet of paper, when I cut them apart I will get 4 flyers to a sheet of paper. I ran off 12, and got 48 mini-flyers, or posters if you will.

On one side I promote my novel, my sister’s book, which I’m selling for her, and I’ll have a couple of boxes of used books there. If they buy any book, I’ll slip one of these in it, and they will find at home that the other side links to my blogs and my offers to online ventures. Free advertising!

for my offers at yard sale(Incidentally, since I’m selling 22 pots with slips from my large and prolific Christmas Cactus I also printed up some labels to put on those white containers. That way the buyer can see what kind of lovely pink flowers the cactus will give them. ~~ Christmas-Cactus-labels. I’ve already cut the labels apart and just need to tape them to the plant containers.)

What if ‘my offers’ means the free e-books that people give away online to lure you into giving up your email address – making them your LEAD?

Well, yes, I’ve just been thinking about that too. Hm-m…. I was going to sell the cacti cheap – just to get them out of my house. Maybe $1.00. I would really like to get signups for my eAction mailing list, then I can promote all or any of my business ventures to them by email for a long time to come. But would people sign up for a cactus slip?

I think I’ll design a subscribe form yet, and print out an article or two about online marketing to give away as a freebie.

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