What MLSP Can Do for You

How do I ever learn and absorb all this marketing stuff I'm suppose to do?

If you have just begun to work at an online business, you may be eager to fill your blog with great content that will impress your readers and get them to follow your excellent advice. Have you reached the point where ideas for great content are harder to come by?

Here’s good news for you; MyLeadSystemPro (affectionately known as MLSP) is an organization that helps home business owners get results! They have an attractive affiliate program too, but that is just one aspect. Mainly they offer webinars and detailed blog posts – most of them for free – so that you can learn how to attract eager customers and members to yourself, and succeed in your business – whatever it is, without having to hound your contacts to buy or signup.

The weekly Wednesday evening webinars are fantastic. You get to watch members who are succeeding tremendously in their business, share their how-to information. You can easily copy them.

Much of that prime and very helpful information shows up on the MLSP blog, both as video clips and as text, so if your computer balks at showing videos, you can still learn the free training by reading the ahead and below the video. I have learned so much from both the webinars, and the blog posts which allow me to study the methods and do them step by step.

A membership in MLSP is a terrific investment, but you can sample what they offer with a trial membership for 14 days, at only $10.00. I crammed a lot of exploring into my first 14 days back in 2015, and I was so impressed I just had to sign up for good!

However, I can give you some links that allow you to do some advance taste-testing for free. Then you decide if this would help your business.

First, like any MLSP member you can sign up each week for the Wednesday evening webinar. I have only missed a few weeks when I was too sick to sit up. Go to this link to register for the next webinar. You will get an email with a special link on Zoom that applies only to you and gives you admittance.

In fact, once you have attended you will likely get reminder/invitation emails each week, but you could always bookmark that link so you can go to it directly to register for the next webinar. From one week to the next you are bound to learn something you can USE in your business marketing and followup.

With a membership you can login and find a huge library of training videos. Best of all, you can trust these people to be honest, and on your side.

Let me share an experience that confirms this. A few months ago, I saw an ad for some special information that would help me find out what people were searching for, and then I could write blog content on those topics. I suppose I was in a relaxed and agreeable mood, so I bit – and bought that info, which wasn’t even in an e-book. Just a webpage. It turned out to be about a forum called Quora, where people come to ask questions. The advice was to watch to see how many people ask that same question, and then write some content for your blog answering that question, making sure to put your keyword into your meta tags for the article.

Well, Duh! I sort of knew that already. A waste of money. I felt embarrassed that I had paid for that.

Then a few weeks ago, Jim Finale, one of the twins who own MLSP together with their friend Norbert, did a webinar on 7 Free Tools & Hacks to help you find ideas for never-ending content for your social media posts. Quora was just one of the 7 ideas, and three of them were free websites with services I had not heard of yet. We can use all 7 places without a cost at all. Jim carefully demonstrated how to login and how to use those tools. I was flabbergasted. All that useful information for free?! Hey, if you want to see it now on the MLSP blog, here is the link.

The truth is, I have not exhausted all the free stuff in MLSP, never mind the e-books and training courses that one can buy there. However. whenever I run into a a question about attraction marketing or various methods (there are far more than any one person can use fully!) then I head over to MLSP in a jiffy!

If you need to see more samples right now, browse around on the blog.
Remember – don’t forget to sign up for the webinars. That’s where you will also become acquainted with our MLSP family, and I’m pretty sure you’ll fall in love with them too!

P.S. I forgot to mention that some of the most productive members in MLSP have made over a million in commissions, just selling the courses and training, for which MLSP does charge. As I said, the affiliate program is just a side-line. Come, get the things you need or want to use.

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