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4 stages of a successful marketer? What are they?

4 stages successful marketerI’ve just listened to a video where a man, Rob Fore, who has a downline of over 10,000 shared about the Four Stages or Levels in operating a multi-level marketing. You may already know most of this; I thought I did too, but hearing Rob explain the progression from one level to another is quite helpful. I always find it useful to keep the BIG PICTURE of my plan in mind, while I’m working on the individual, or current part. Therefore, I found these 4 stages of a marketer quite interesting.

Stage/Level 1 – This is where we are still learning to market our business – which we must remember involves P E O P L E. We need to find, recruit and persuade people to join us in our business. We must memorize our scripts until talking to people comes naturally to us, and we’ll have to put in lots of hours. Of course, you are working on a Brand of YOU, that attracts people to follow you.

How long do we stay at this first of 4 stages of a marketer? Rob said when you have recruited 24 people and through them a downline of about 200 you will feel like you’ve been through Basic Training.

Stage/Level 2 – Your Brand of YOU is getting known and recognized! So about half the time you are still looking for p e o p l e and recruiting, and the other half the time, potential team members are coming to ask you if they can follow and join you. By now you should have an effective personal blog, reaching your targeted niche, and you should be leveraging your time and skills so that you are still signing up 2-4 people a week, but now it doesn’t take so long. Your work load is much easier in the 2nd of the 4 stages of a marketer!

Stage/Level 3 – Here the skating is much, MUCH easier! About 90% of the people who come to you, are attracted to you and begging to join under YOU. People have come to know and like and TRUST you. They see you succeeding and they want to hang on and ride the gravy train with you. By this stage of the 4 stages of a marketer you are a mentor and trainer. Signing up new people just – comes naturally! In fact, you will probably work less than 10 hours a week to get the results you got in Level 1. Sounds nice, eh? The work of your downline is now blessing you, and causing you to prosper.

Stage/Level 4 – Rob said that when you get to this level you will KNOW that you have as much financial freedom as you want. Most people who get to this stage start investing their money and let IT do all the work for you. You may still appear to be in your multi-level Business, but you may just be going through the motions. Ah, I understand! That’s because now you can focus on the things you wanted to do all along and for which reason you were working your business. This is why you went through the 4 stages of a marketer.

In my case, I want to go visit missionaries and ministries and see what kind of money they really need. (I know how handicapped they all seem to be for lack of funds). And if I really get some free time at last …. well, I have some books in my head that I should write!

Learn more details about the Stages of a Successful Marketer: Click here to Take the 10 Day Trial at MLSP for $9.99

Get on the Rise Network Train

If you have already joined several “business opportunities” you know  that if no one shows you what your business or marketing steps are to be, you will soon be lost and floundering.

It makes a world of a difference if there is at least one leader or more who has proven how to be successful in a particular business, and who has the compassion to teach you – or all of us who join – how to proceed to profit quickly and easily with just a few easy steps we can take over and over again to scale up our income.

Rise Network is a team of networkers under the leadership of two men who have made millions before in other businesses which they started and then passed on. Kevin and Hitesh make the learning curve in the Rise Network so much easier to handle. Even if you have never marketed a business before, they show their methods in the weekly webinars. They are great at explaining the steps, whether it is with Facebook ads, Bing ads, or various free methods.

Aside: I recall how, after Mom died, I prayed and told the Lord, that I was a shy, creative type, but I was willing to be made a Business Woman, if He would take me on. Ten years later, when Dad died, and I had to go out to support myself completely again, I was surprised to see that I did have a Business Woman’s mindset. In the last 8 years I’ve developed it even more so! Therefore – I think I’m ready to step on this train at this point in my life.

Because I’m brimming over with excitement, I’m freeing up blocks of time for content writing in my mornings, some for marketing in the afternoons, and certain evenings for rebuilding certain of my websites, to give this my priority attention.

Rise Network is designed to help anyone from anywhere in the world learn to market – by giving away Gift Cards to UnBox, and make a good income from as many as 12-15 streams of income inside UnBox. 

In fact, Hitesh has calculated that anyone who can give away 3 Gift Cards in a month, consistently, will most likely be drawing in six figures a month in about nine months!

Yes, I could rave on and on. But you and I both have other things to do as well, so how about if you sign up for the eAction mailing list, and I’ll keep you informed every few days and tell you more?

But you will also want to explore Rise Network in this video Replay.

Of course, then it would be smart for you to stay on my mailing list, so that you can get help as you go through your learning curve.

Blessings & Thanks,

I’m sincerely working on a new blogging agenda. It is not that I’ve forgotten this one, but I’ve gained another blog to tend, (This makes 4 that I need to tend each week), and I’m sacrificing a lot of time to complete a commitment to have a history book finished about Impact Canada Ministries (formerly Western Tract Mission Inc), in time for our 75th Anniversary in September.

I’ve also joined two new businesses this year – which I believe will become my MAIN ones! But this means trying to watch as many training videos as I possibly can. All this is making my life very crowded, believe me!

But I’ve been thinking, if I set aside one hour a day for a blog post, and I rotate which blog I work on from one day to the next. I’m just starting this today and don’t know how well my new blogging agenda will turn out. I’m hoping it will go easier and faster day by day, and that you’ll find some true value when you come to visit here.

If things go well, I should end writing here twice a week. If I can hold to this plan until the end of the summer I shall be super grateful!

The Blessing of the Lord brings wealth and He ads no trouble to it.

Meantime, it occurred to me this morning in my devotional time (Which I do guard earnestly!) that I should share some of my favourite verses in Proverbs. Even as graphics, and this is one of a set of four that I made for my office at the Mission. I wish I had room to put them up on the wall again.

I do believe in this wonderful promise and trust you will be encouraged to adopt it as a favourite of yours too. Truly, the Blessing of the Lord brings wealth! And when it comes from Him, He adds no troubles or evil consequences with it. So that’s the kind of wealth I’m watching and working for!

P.S. About a year later. It didn’t work out that way… but it came out just right, so it’s okay. A long story I may take time to tell you yet.

If you want to learn how to attract quality BUYERS and customers to you on Facebook. Instead of having to have waste hours of your time ‘chatting’ on messenger with tire-kickers… JOIN US WEDNESDAY NIGHT at 9 PM EST (That’s 7 pm. in Saskatchewan time) – and you will learn how to get QUALITY people reaching out to you!

Hey, why the long face? Are you crying the blues because you don’t have enough financial resources to sign up for regular payments to become a member of MLSP?

Okay. I’ve been there. I understand. But then you need to become resourceful and work at learning whatever you can, wherever you can get in for free. Start applying the small steps that you CAN take for free, and gradually more opportunities will open up for you.

This Wednesday night Training webinar is the most PRIME example I know of where if you keep signing up each week for this webinar, and you faithfully make time to attend and to take notes, you are going to discover some priceless information that other places would charge for.

I cannot guarantee that each week the training will be on getting leads in Facebook. Sometimes it is about Twitter, sometimes about blogging, sometimes the training is about affiliate marketing, or how to create your own sales funnel. No end of terrific ideas!

You know, I came on the internet in 1999 eager to find out how I could self-publish my novel. I was caring for my Dad as a live-in caregiver, with NO salary. I truly was trusting God to meet my needs – and I could tell you many stories of how He did that, in very unique and original ways! But I had committed myself to trusting Him, and not to go whining or complaining when I was broke.

During those non-salary, non-welfare years from 1999 to 2007 I ate up all the free information I could find online about building my own websites, and marketing my affiliate links. I did publish my novel, Ruthe’s Secret Roses, and I now own more than 10 websites, and I’ve built a number of sites for ministries and missions. Three of my circus of 20+ websites are over 1000 pages each!

I was too busy with mission work for a number of years (2007-2019) but now I’m getting back into online business work, and hey, I still find there are many ways to spot good training information for free! MLSP Webinars are the best!

So, no more excuses, Friend. Sign up for this Wednesday Webinar and as you get emails inviting you to the next one, keep clicking the link to sign up and go to the next one. I guarantee that you will learn very useful things!

Here’s that signup link again: Click it! WeeklyMarketingWebinars.org

Have you discovered yet, that an online business is NOT an ATM machine. Stick in your bank card and out comes your money.

Nope. There are skills to learn, like marketing and promotion, building funnels and sending out emails to a mailing list that you have been growing, and so on.

You have to put yourself out there in public in such a way that people come to know, like and trust YOU first. Only after that you can recommend a business opportunity or a product, and expect them to show real interest.

I’m very grateful that this is something I can do sitting quietly at my desk at home, and since I like writing as my main method, I spend hours writing articles and webpages. And… making new friends!

So I was delighted last week when I watched some webinars and learned that a company I had joined last year, (and another one of theirs before that), has merged with a much bigger, more powerful company. The leaders of ‘my’ company have been given much influence and permission to develop a better way of promoting the larger company and it’s many departments.

Their most innovative aspect is that much of the promotion can be done by simply giving away gift cards! These can be used to sign up with the business, and some can be made for products. If visitors use them, those people are marked as ‘my’ customers and from then on I get mostly 50% of whatever they might spend. Of course, this applies to them too, if they will to become Affiliates of the company.

The leaders, whom I’ve known for some years now, say that if a person gives away at least 3 gift cards a month, in about nine months, it is possible to be making a six-figure income!

Well, because I was a member of their company before, I am automatically grandfathered into the new company, and I can start to give away these gift cards even in the pre-launch period – of which just 5 days are left!

Naturally, I don’t want to give these gift cards (up to a $99 value) to people who will not use them, so I invite you – if you would like to get such a card, to get in touch with me, and I’ll be happy to prepare a digital gift card and send it to you.

Here’s a link to a video that gives you a tour of the business plan before you decide yea, or nay.

I need to mention one more thing. To avoid people signing up with the free gift card and then doing nothing in the company, there will be times of the year when they purge out such inactive memberships. But I know that I love to give things away, and I should think you would have no problem doing that either! So this is one business that is about as easy as it can get.

Of course, those people that understand how to promote, especially if they have a mailing list to share this with… they are going to make the most money!

The Power of Words

We’ll need to understand the Power of Words if we want to do business by godly principles. The book of Proverbs is full of instructions to listen to advice, over-look insults, give honest testimony, and to speak healing, truthful words. Well these five verses seem to sum a whole bunch of principles regarding the power of words in our daily lives and relationships.

We don’t want to be a fool, right? So we need to be willing to listen to advice, and not show annoyance – rather to overlook an insult.

In fact, while we want to speak the truth and deal honestly ourselves, we need to be alert to the lies that will pierce us like a cruel weapon.

But hey, besides avoiding evil, let’s remember that we have the power of words; we can speak HEALING WORDS as well! (Notice that line that says, “…but the tongue of the wise brings healing.”)

Let’s pause there a moment. Do we know HOW to speak healing words? Our parents may have taught us to speak politely, but who will teach us to speak healing words?

God’s Word says right there, that the tongue of the wise brings healing. It would seem then that we must follow the Bible’s instructions for becoming wise – then, we may count on the healing words to flow from our tongue easily.

Notice too, that truthful lips endure forever, but a lying tongue lasts only a moment. Do you want a long and happy life? Stick to the truth and chances are great that you’ll get to live a long time. Even eternity if we trust in Christ to pay our sentence for sin.

Don’t you like that line: “Joy for those who promote peace“? That’s what I want to do!

So in my business dealings I need to apply these principles by;
listening to advice,
overlooking insults,
give honest testimony,
make my tongue speak healing,
make my lips speak truthfully – to last,
and promote peace – and receive joy.

Does this give you an agenda too, for using the power of words wisely?

This past weekend (October 2016) I had my first Amazon sale! To understand what that means I need to share the very beginning of my eCommerce learning curve.

The earliest stages of eCommerce involve learning to sell on eBay and or Amazon. Some people have sold on eBay off and on for years. So this is an easy transition for them. In my own case, I had tried to sell my family history book a number of years ago, and it did not sell, so I gave up.

Well… I did cross-link my eBay items on Bonanza, and one item sold there.

But last year I tried again, with about 8 or 10 items to begin with, and it was slow going. Then I heard that eBay is like doing garage sale-ing compared to Amazon where things go highway-fast and you need to behave in a more professional manner. Sales can happen in fast multiples! So… I talked to my brother who has a collection of models he’d like to sell. He’s stuck in a wheelchair and technical stuff zooms over his head. He thought about it a while, and then agreed to let me try this.

I had not really thought through the fact that the commitment I’d made to write a history book for a non-profit ministry was going to eat so much of my time this year. So after a few weeks I said to my brother that I would have to give this up until my book project was done. However, I’d leave up on eBay and Amazon his items that I had listed.

Then I just sort of ignored my eCommerce Learning Curve for a few months. I almost forgot those items.

Then, out of the blue on Saturday I got an amazon email saying, “You made a sale! Here’s your next steps. . ..” Wow, my first Amazon sale!

Fortunately their instructions were easy.

johnny-lightning-gold-series-63-ford-galaxie-500What sold was a small red diecast model Ford Galaxie 500. I packed it up. Printed out the mailing label, and taped it over the box.

Sunday after church I took it to a postal outlet and sent it off. (Though I knew it wouldn’t really get on the way until early Monday morning). The next step was to report it as shipped to Amazon. I guess I can go back again and thank the customer… but this is not that hard.

Besides, I’ve learned in the meantime, more about how to use social media to advertise and alert people to the items for sale. I will certainly do more of that once I have more time for it.

Hey, I’ve made my first Amazon sale! and that without advertising… When I can dedicate more time and use that marketing information, I should do much better and keep climbing steadily on my eCommerce Learning Curve.

Say… if you are ready (and have the time) to start on your own eCommerce Learning Curve, I have a recommendation for you. Back when I made this first Amazon sale I was watching training videos in a platform that helped people to get into eCommerce. However, that company has been absorbed into a bigger corporation.

The new company has streamlined a lot of this so that now you don’t  have to go buy stock to sell first, and you don’t have to do any shipping. eCommerce has really Grown Up! Making money this way is a lot easier. But I recommend that you begin here,  RiseNetwork. Then you will get the best helps and training to become more profitable in the big corporation with 12-15 different ways to make strong streams of income.

My office nook shows me to be a book loverYou’re the Book lover in your house? That is most of them are yours, and you don’t let anyone else clean them up – or get rid of them – even though you know that you have more books than you really need or can handle?

Crazy, isn’t it? These books were our treasures at one time, but we never get around to looking in them any more. Someone else could enjoy them, but…. well, we don’t want to throw them in the garbage! That would be cruel! So you are a hoarding Book lover, eh?

However, it might soothe your book-friendly spirit, if you could learn how to sell those books to someone else who is craving them, and willing to pay a handsome price for it.

There is a couple that have a webinar course, in which they show you how to discover your most marketable books, how to clean and refresh the books so they look as new and appealing as possible, and where to sell them online, where you can make 10 times, or 100 times, or EVEN MORE of what a used book is usually thought to be worth!

I confess, I’ve been a book hoarder all my life. A very possessive book lover. The above describes me to a T!

When I was a child and was given ten cents by my visiting grandpa, I made the mistake of spending it on an ice cream cone. A week or so later I realized that I could have bought a book in the store next-door for that same ten cents. From that day on I’ve been very careful to spend my money on books or tangible things like that, rather than snack food that will be through my body in 24 hours or less.

For many years I couldn’t afford to buy books, but I found a number of ways to get them, including being a book reviewer. Then, after my Dad died, I inherited, not only all the books my parents had had for years, but also those my sisters had left there. Suddenly I had enough books to fill all the shelves along the longest wall in my new home. Still, I looked at those books last year, and realized that I truly didn’t NEED or WANT all of them. Now, how to get rid of them, without offending my ‘love of books’ generally?

I thought I had found a course about how to sell old books on Amazon, but it seems to have disappeared. I’m watching for a new or better one now.

Are you too organized or not organized enough?

Too organized? not enough?

I have certain friends who hesitate to call me because they know I have my day organized, and a half hour interruption might throw me off. What they don’t realize is that I don’t think I’m organized enough!

True, I’ve discovered that designating certain hours of the day to do certain things makes me more productive. But in the world of online marketing I can see that I still have a few things to learn about being organized.

Can you guess where?

Okay, I’ll confess. It’s in the matter of carefully following up people who show an interest in my business, so that I don’t lose the possibility of doing business with them. I’ve discovered that I can’t count in my memory to keep all that data at my fingertips.

Ah-ha! But guess what. . . . I’ve made a smart move in joining MLSP!

They have this Contact Management System that others pay fortunes for; it’s included in my MLSP membership! I just have to follow a few steps, each time my ads bring in new leads (potential contacts), and learn to do those faithfully. The system will do all the hard work. Whew!

I’ve already learned that those who use such a system are usually making six figure incomes with their online business in about a year. Wow! Then I do wrong if I keep this to myself! I better let you – or, rather, I urge you to see this short video and size it up for yourself; Six Figure Followup

You may already have an MLM business, or you are selling your niche services online, or even just someone else’s ebook so you can get some commissions. So have you already heard about CMS? Does your MLM company provide it for free?

If you meet any $6 figure earners (by the way, that’s written with this many digits: $100,000), and if you can get close enough to ask their secrets, you can be pretty sure that they have – and use a CMS! They quit using those little black shirt-pocket booklets long ago!

You really have to get organized, my friend! Please, for your own sake, have a look at Six Figure Followup

Listen, many of your competitors are still using sticky notes on their monitor, the backs of envelopes – and maybe you’ve had to do it too, but if you really want to go places with your business, my suggestion here is to sign up with MyLeadSystemPro and use the CMS that is included for all your business ventures. No matter how many you have!

Here’s that link, plain and easy – CLICK on it: SIX FIGURE FOLLOWUP!

mobile link to Six Figure Followup
Click to Go There!

I’ll find you later – probably in my CMS – and we can talk further!

How do I ever learn and absorb all this marketing stuff I'm suppose to do?

If you have just begun to work at an online business, you may be eager to fill your blog with great content that will impress your readers and get them to follow your excellent advice. Have you reached the point where ideas for great content are harder to come by?

Here’s good news for you; MyLeadSystemPro (affectionately known as MLSP) is an organization that helps home business owners get results! They have an attractive affiliate program too, but that is just one aspect. Mainly they offer webinars and detailed blog posts – most of them for free – so that you can learn how to attract eager customers and members to yourself, and succeed in your business – whatever it is, without having to hound your contacts to buy or signup.

The weekly Wednesday evening webinars are fantastic. You get to watch members who are succeeding tremendously in their business, share their how-to information. You can easily copy them.

Much of that prime and very helpful information shows up on the MLSP blog, both as video clips and as text, so if your computer balks at showing videos, you can still learn the free training by reading the ahead and below the video. I have learned so much from both the webinars, and the blog posts which allow me to study the methods and do them step by step.

A membership in MLSP is a terrific investment, but you can sample what they offer with a trial membership for 14 days, at only $10.00. I crammed a lot of exploring into my first 14 days back in 2015, and I was so impressed I just had to sign up for good!

However, I can give you some links that allow you to do some advance taste-testing for free. Then you decide if this would help your business.

First, like any MLSP member you can sign up each week for the Wednesday evening webinar. I have only missed a few weeks when I was too sick to sit up. Go to this link to register for the next webinar. You will get an email with a special link on Zoom that applies only to you and gives you admittance.

In fact, once you have attended you will likely get reminder/invitation emails each week, but you could always bookmark that link so you can go to it directly to register for the next webinar. From one week to the next you are bound to learn something you can USE in your business marketing and followup.

With a membership you can login and find a huge library of training videos. Best of all, you can trust these people to be honest, and on your side.

Let me share an experience that confirms this. A few months ago, I saw an ad for some special information that would help me find out what people were searching for, and then I could write blog content on those topics. I suppose I was in a relaxed and agreeable mood, so I bit – and bought that info, which wasn’t even in an e-book. Just a webpage. It turned out to be about a forum called Quora, where people come to ask questions. The advice was to watch to see how many people ask that same question, and then write some content for your blog answering that question, making sure to put your keyword into your meta tags for the article.

Well, Duh! I sort of knew that already. A waste of money. I felt embarrassed that I had paid for that.

Then a few weeks ago, Jim Finale, one of the twins who own MLSP together with their friend Norbert, did a webinar on 7 Free Tools & Hacks to help you find ideas for never-ending content for your social media posts. Quora was just one of the 7 ideas, and three of them were free websites with services I had not heard of yet. We can use all 7 places without a cost at all. Jim carefully demonstrated how to login and how to use those tools. I was flabbergasted. All that useful information for free?! Hey, if you want to see it now on the MLSP blog, here is the link.

The truth is, I have not exhausted all the free stuff in MLSP, never mind the e-books and training courses that one can buy there. However. whenever I run into a a question about attraction marketing or various methods (there are far more than any one person can use fully!) then I head over to MLSP in a jiffy!

If you need to see more samples right now, browse around on the blog.
Remember – don’t forget to sign up for the webinars. That’s where you will also become acquainted with our MLSP family, and I’m pretty sure you’ll fall in love with them too!

P.S. I forgot to mention that some of the most productive members in MLSP have made over a million in commissions, just selling the courses and training, for which MLSP does charge. As I said, the affiliate program is just a side-line. Come, get the things you need or want to use.

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