New Blogging Agenda

I’m sincerely working on a new blogging agenda. It is not that I’ve forgotten this one, but I’ve gained another blog to tend, (This makes 4 that I need to tend each week), and I’m sacrificing a lot of time to complete a commitment to have a history book finished about Impact Canada Ministries (formerly Western Tract Mission Inc), in time for our 75th Anniversary in September.

I’ve also joined two new businesses this year – which I believe will become my MAIN ones! But this means trying to watch as many training videos as I possibly can. All this is making my life very crowded, believe me!

But I’ve been thinking, if I set aside one hour a day for a blog post, and I rotate which blog I work on from one day to the next. I’m just starting this today and don’t know how well my new blogging agenda will turn out. I’m hoping it will go easier and faster day by day, and that you’ll find some true value when you come to visit here.

If things go well, I should end writing here twice a week. If I can hold to this plan until the end of the summer I shall be super grateful!

The Blessing of the Lord brings wealth and He ads no trouble to it.

Meantime, it occurred to me this morning in my devotional time (Which I do guard earnestly!) that I should share some of my favourite verses in Proverbs. Even as graphics, and this is one of a set of four that I made for my office at the Mission. I wish I had room to put them up on the wall again.

I do believe in this wonderful promise and trust you will be encouraged to adopt it as a favourite of yours too. Truly, the Blessing of the Lord brings wealth! And when it comes from Him, He adds no troubles or evil consequences with it. So that’s the kind of wealth I’m watching and working for!

P.S. About a year later. It didn’t work out that way… but it came out just right, so it’s okay. A long story I may take time to tell you yet.

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