Lower Anxiety, Stress, Improve Sleep, and Wipe out Pain – All Done Legally

Does anxiety have an icy grip on your heart and mind? Do you have trouble sleeping generally? Or, especially during this COVID19 crisis? What about pain, whether from an inflammation, or a chronic condition? Have you found a good way to cope?

All these conditions can be ever so wearying. Downright discouraging and even depressing, I know! You know it best if you are experiencing these things on a regular basis.

Worse is that if you go to a doctor, you end up with prescriptions – which are drugs – which can be addictive. On top of that they often don’t help; they are a false lead to a dead-end.

Personally, I’m glad to say I don’t normally have problems sleeping. There are the odd times when my mind is busy writing dramatic scenes and dialogues, and it is almost like watching a video or movie, that I can’t break my focus. But, I do find that prayer and asking for God’s intervention to give me sleep works for me. Generally, though I don’t deal much with sleeplessness. Once I turn out the light – I’m out like a light.

Anxiety is also not a big problem either. My secret there is to jot down in my Blessing book, before I pull my feet into bed, all the good things that happened during the day and to give thanks to God for those “little and big blessings!” I do it again in my morning devotional time. So developing an attitude of gratitude permeates my life.

However, I have osteoporosis. I cracked my T6 vertebrae in 2007 while preparing for my Dad’s funeral, and again a few times since. Especially last year, (2019), when I cracked another vertebrae in my back and spent 8 weeks recovering from that serious pain. Recently I discovered I have shrunk and lost over 7 inches in height. The continuous pain has quit, but any serious physical exertion can set me off to a fresh spell of pain.

I do NOT like to swallow painkillers every day. So I do look for herbal remedies, and will write more about them in another article.

Lately, I’ve been learning more about CBD oils and their marvelous benefits.

CBD Products with a Gift Card $15 off

<> CBD Oils are 100% legal, and are great for scientifically lowering your anxiety in 10 minutes or less. Even if it is only the stress of the current COVID-19 crisis has you nervous and anxious over the unknowns.

<> Just half a dropper full of CBD oil will give you good, deep sleep – even extra hours – if you’ve been short-changed. You’ll wake well rested!

<> CBD oils will lower inflammation and in most cases wipe away your pain. This is tremendous!

<> The Metabolic Design CBD oils are put through an extra process so that they have no bitter taste or odor. You will know you have the very best quality by the golden colour. Cheaper, disappointing CBD oils come in various shades of green. They may turn you off completely.

<> There is less than .03% of THC, the ingredient that causes psychedelic hallucinations; you will not have such experiences with these products. Furthermore, they are “100% Drug Test Safe.”

Two video testimonies will help you see what others say and how they use CBD oils. A leader who provides great helps for entrepreneurs and marketers, has interviewed two people so far, about their experiences with theses products.

Maria Cebreco talks of how CBD oils have lowered her anxiety, helped her sleep better, and lowered her stress levels, and more.

Watch Kevin’s interview with Maria.

Dawn shares in her interview how she always slept poorly. She now calls her CBD oil a miracle in a bottle, for it brings her endocrine system into balance. She sleeps sounder, and longer, and dreams, which proves to her that it is a deeper sleep than she was used to. For local pain, as in knots in the neck, or cramps in the legs, etc., she uses the CBD Balm, applying it with her fingertips until it disappears into the skin. She shared it with a co-worker, who was utterly amazed at how his neck pain vanished!

Watch Kevin’s interview with Dawn:

Ready to try CBD Oils? Or would you like to see and read up on them first? (Like me, you prefer to explore and research new products first,eh?)

Okay. Simply use the link below each video. It will take you to the Metabolic Design website, where you can register so you can login, and if you decide to buy anything just remember to use the Gift Code shown on the video, (which is Rmd420); that will give you $15 off of your purchase, if it is at least $50.

Did you close some tabs and lose the link? Then use this direct one.

Here’s an Extra tip: If you get excited about these CBD oils, and want to give Gift Cards like this to your friends so then can benefit too, then just contact me for instructions, and your starting link. I’ll be happy to share this information with you.

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