Jump on the Rise Network Train

Get on the Rise Network Train

If you have already joined several “business opportunities” you know  that if no one shows you what your business or marketing steps are to be, you will soon be lost and floundering.

It makes a world of a difference if there is at least one leader or more who has proven how to be successful in a particular business, and who has the compassion to teach you – or all of us who join – how to proceed to profit quickly and easily with just a few easy steps we can take over and over again to scale up our income.

Rise Network is a team of networkers under the leadership of two men who have made millions before in other businesses which they started and then passed on. Kevin and Hitesh make the learning curve in the Rise Network so much easier to handle. Even if you have never marketed a business before, they show their methods in the weekly webinars. They are great at explaining the steps, whether it is with Facebook ads, Bing ads, or various free methods.

Aside: I recall how, after Mom died, I prayed and told the Lord, that I was a shy, creative type, but I was willing to be made a Business Woman, if He would take me on. Ten years later, when Dad died, and I had to go out to support myself completely again, I was surprised to see that I did have a Business Woman’s mindset. In the last 8 years I’ve developed it even more so! Therefore – I think I’m ready to step on this train at this point in my life.

Because I’m brimming over with excitement, I’m freeing up blocks of time for content writing in my mornings, some for marketing in the afternoons, and certain evenings for rebuilding certain of my websites, to give this my priority attention.

Rise Network is designed to help anyone from anywhere in the world learn to market – by giving away Gift Cards to UnBox, and make a good income from as many as 12-15 streams of income inside UnBox. 

In fact, Hitesh has calculated that anyone who can give away 3 Gift Cards in a month, consistently, will most likely be drawing in six figures a month in about nine months!

Yes, I could rave on and on. But you and I both have other things to do as well, so how about if you sign up for the eAction mailing list, and I’ll keep you informed every few days and tell you more?

But you will also want to explore Rise Network in this video Replay.

Of course, then it would be smart for you to stay on my mailing list, so that you can get help as you go through your learning curve.

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