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Turn Leads into Friends and Devoted Followers

Ready to turn leads into friends and devoted followers?

What are “leads” you ask? I was puzzled by that word too for quite a while.

Turn Leads into Friends and followers

Remember all the traffic generating we were talking about in our last article? Well leads are the people who have responded to your efforts and have come to see what you are offering. At the very least they are curious, but they may also be full of questions. These leads are, in a sense, lining up at the wicket window of your Brand, or your business. They are ready to find out if they will like you enough to do business with you. This is your chance! You can show them YOU and how friendly and easy to get along with you are, and/or you can show them what you have to sell or promote.

Leads are like Ripe Plums

But you must be careful how you pick them! Cup your hand gently but firmly over the plum before you pull it off the twig. Make sure your lead is willing to receive your counsel before you tell them what they should do.

Your first goal now should be to turn those leads into friends and devoted followers. All the advice I’ve been learning of late is to not try to sell them on something immediately. (Unless, of course, the ad copy that brought them to you, promised them some unique product or program). The most ideal approach is to turn them into friends and followers, and your first step to do that, is by making sure they have signed up to your mailing list, so you can keep in touch.

Offer Tips or Training

Listen to your leads

Show your leads some hot marketing tips to download. Or, invite them to take training that you have prepared, (or, one of the MLSP products!), and try to find out more about each lead. What is their most pressing problem? Where do they see themselves at in the whole scheme of online businesses?

Perhaps they already have had a number of years experience in a certain niche that you know nothing about. Ask questions and draw them out. (This might work best if you phone them). On the other hand they may be brand new to the internet and don’t know where to start. Give them some very easy first steps to follow. Preferably free at this point, until they have learned to trust your advice and wisdom. But you might offer some products that are low cost, such as a tip sheet for advertising on Facebook, etc. You will score extra points if your tip guides them to some income almost instantly.

Listen to Your Lead

Ask a lead what she or he, has tried online.Then shut up and listen. Well, you can make sympathetic noises, but let them talk.

Try to digest what problems they’ve run into and how much evidence they show that they are not quitters. Would they keep moving forward if only you can show them how to get past these barriers?

Except When…

(Listen. If your lead is an inveterate LAZY human Bean, you can let them go. But I’d try them out a time or two before I cast that sentence upon them.  I recall how many chances God has given me. But I have met people that don’t follow through on any advice I give them; then I have to admit I’m wasting my time.)

Back to getting to know your leads . . .

Guide Your Lead

About the time they run out of steam, or start to repeat themselves, you will have a good idea of what things would solve their problems and get them moving on to success. They might need some mentoring and training. Are you the one to provide it? Or should you refer them to someone else? (Note: if you are a member of MLSP and also an affiliate, you can refer them to MLSP where they can get good mentoring, and you will get a commission on their membership, so have such links handy ahead of time.) You might restrict yourself to those who just need a few good tips and directions, and they are ready to fly!

Me? I’m a sucker for those who have no experience but huge, fantastic dreams. I’ve been there myself. So… maybe I’m just trying to help out the old “me.” Do ya’ think?

Remember to Build and Use Your Mailing List

Don’t forget your mailing list. It should be a top priority to set this up before you get droves of visitors/traffic coming in response to your lures and ads on social media, and so on.

There are some well-known brand names for autoresponders that are suggested by a number in this industry, but I’ve discovered one called Trafficwave that offers more than these others do, at a lower rate, you can have any number of lists, and any size of lists, and on top of that, it has an affiliate program (free to join) which can be an extra stream of income for you. It takes a bit of time to watch the training videos and to set it up. Especially if you write your own autoresponder messages. But once you have those in place, and you’ve set the pace or timing of when they go out after a new lead has signed up, then this part will take care of itself.

For instance with this eAction series, I’ve set it up so that these longer how-to articles come out to my list once a week. However, I am also writing more short, inspirational types of messages about two days of the week, so that my subscribers get to know and trust and like me.

Then, about once every two weeks, I will recommend some product or program that I have found useful, and that I think will help my friends and followers also. I can usually count on a certain percentage to go check out the link I give, and a certain percentage of those will see the value in what I recommended, and remind themselves that I have been giving good, trustworthy advice, so it is smart to take up my suggestion. They will buy or sign up.

If you do these things with your mailing list too, you are bound to make income from a number of directions;

When you share you main program/business opportunity with your subscribers – (that is, they become your downline).

When you share affiliate links to tools or systems they could use to promote their business.

When you explain as I’ve just done here, that Trafficwave is a terrific mailing list service, and they sign up too!

If I should share all my income streams with you at once you might be astonished at how many ways I’ve found to make money online. But the very best way to get my subscribers all primed and flowing is to have a mailing list like this. That is why you often see people in the industry saying, “The GOLD is in the LIST.” They mean your mailing list! Those will often be your repeat customers. The bigger your mailing list – the higher your chance of profiting well, if you work your mailing faithfully and effectively.

My own experience confirms this; I made occasional and piddly amounts of income with my affiliate websites – plastered with banner and text ads. But once I had this eAction list up and running, things began to happen! Weekly – then daily sales!

Stick around, and I’ll share more examples!

Starting an online business can be a bit lonely at the beginning, but once you turn these leads into friends and devoted followers you will feel surrounded by friends, and have courage to try new and more daring things!

Just in case! If you are not on my eAction LIST, please take care of this right away! Each email has free coaching advice and encouragement as you learn to make money online. Just fill in this little form and hit the confirmation link in the first email that comes to ask for that. Then, Presto! You will be on the LIST!

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