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How to Set up Your Mailing List

setting up your Mailing list

Before I show you how to set up your mailing list at Trafficwave, let me show you how valuable – how terribly important it is to have an autoresponder series set up. Complete with tracking, and the ability to send fresh emails every day if you wish.

Why? What’s the point of a mailing list?

1. Because the series of letters/emails you set up in the responder series is what will introduce your leads (visitors) to yourself. You’ll want to show the kinds of helps you can offer. It will do this automatically with the timing you set up at the beginning. Nothing more to do with this step! The beauty of mailing list Automation!

2. It is Beautiful and Wonderful BECAUSE, whenever you announce a new product or program and recommend it to your readers, this list is going to be your most lucrative profit source! (Because people buy from people they feel they know, like and trust!) The bigger your mailing list, AND the better the emails that you write, the more money you will make. Duh?

(See! I’ve said for years that the internet is a writer’s paradise!)

There are stories of people who have lists of 10,000, or even 50,000 people. When they announce a new Webinar course, at a higher ticket price, of say, $199, or even $999 – even if only 10% of their subscribers click on the link to go check it out, and even if only half of those people end up buying that new product, or signing up for the course, the marketer makes a profit of $99,500, or in the second example, $4,995,500!!

Pause to think that over for a minute. Grab a scrap of paper and do some quick math with your own example.

Of course you’ll want to learn how to get people to sign up to your LIST!

Yes, those are wild, round numbers. But I’ve seen them in very believable training videos by some highly effective people. Naturally, you wouldn’t send out such emails every week; you would study your demographic carefully to see what they want that badly, and you would work quite hard on preparing your sale-able product before you present it.

What’s more, I think I’ve only heard two men say they had a list of 50,000 or more. So, come back down to earth.

But look. Even if you only have a mailing list of 500 people. IF you are referring them to an affiliate product that will give you a commission of say, $49, if 10% (50) people go to check it out, and half of those (25) or so buy, you could make $1,225 in a few hours, or a few days… since some might read your email a few days later.

Let’s say then, that you send your list a weekly installment of your autoresponder series, and maybe two more emails each week to encourage them and give them helpful tips, and in one of those, every other week, you include a link to an affiliate product you have signed up for. Your ‘small’ list could bring in $1000 or so every second week.

All that is besides income from your main business opportunity or product you are promoting.

And this is not even looking yet at the chart of the profits that you can make if you get your downline all using Trafficwave for their mailing list, just like you are (or will be); see Trafficwave.

(Did you notice the 10th level on the Tsunami chart? Wow! eh?)

Incidentally, that is residual income. It keeps coming to you every month as long as those people are still using or paying their monthly Trafficwave fee.

Ready for a Trafficwave?

First step; sign up at Trafficwave Sign up for the 30 days free, and then focus on watching the training videos, and use those 30 days to get your autoresponder series set up, copy your capture page links, and start promoting them in your social media accounts (soft pedal it so it doesn’t look like an ad), or pay for real ads in Facebook, or in Google. If you have a blog or website already, put your own free links there as well. This way you can potentially be making money before you have to pay the $17.95 for the 2nd month and all the months after that.

If you can’t get all that done in 30 days, just plod on, and consider the fee the cost of doing business online. This is a bargain. IF you use it!

Note: the other autoresponder companies all charge more and put a limit on how many subscribers you can have at that price, and how many responder series you can set up. At Trafficwave there is no limit! Go ahead, aim for a 50,000 list if you can do it!

In fact, if you check for your affiliate link in Trafficwave – after you’ve signed up, and if you put that affiliate link in your autoreponder series – (I suggest in your P.S.), – then your leads may also become your downlines in Trafficwave, and once you have 3 regular paying members, you will no longer need to pay your own monthly fee. It’s taken care of by the commissions!

Isn’t that good?

Using the affiliate link seems the sensible thing to do if you want to make more money on the side. It’s a no-brainer, to use a bit of slang.

Setting up Your Mailing List

Okay. Your autoresponder series is just part of it; let’s go on to develop your mailing list.

If I were to repeat all the instructions for you step by step here, I’d be repeating stuff that Trafficwave does much better, and they use videos. I’ll just show you how to find those trainings.

When you are logged in at Trafficwave.net look for the the links that indicate the Wiki training area. There you will find detailed instructions for every step, every use you can make of your account, including the new training videos.

Notice the menu across the top of your screen, once logged in, (Home, Autoresponder, Adtracker, Reminders, Extra, Acc. Info, Support, Affiliate Manager, Logout). Click on Autoresponder.

On this next screen, go for the “Training Wiki” link in the Notes box on the left. This will open a new tab or window in the browser. It is a wiki sub-site on the Trafficwave site. Click on “Autoresponder” on the menu on the left.

The next page has a long list of links! If you have never set up an autoresponder before, take the large, bold link; AUTORESPONDER OVERVIEW first. That page will explain the whole concept to you.

Then go back and take the other links, going over each step or instruction slowly and switching back to the previous tab or window to DO that step.

Notice, that the menu refers to “campaign letters” which also means autoresponders – but then, further down you will see “Broadcast”. That refers to the emails you can send out any time besides, or above and beyond your autoresponder aka campaign letters. These are very versatile, as you can send them any time, or schedule them, and even select which subscribers, or ALL of them to receive the Broadcast messages. This is where your mailing list shines!

If you prefer videos to written instructions, you can click the menu item on the left, “Video Tutorials,” and get most of your instruction that way. But to actually do it, you’ll have to keep pausing the video to go back to your own account and set up your first autoresponder series.

By the way, there is one set up already by default. It is written by Traffic-wave to help you recruit others to sign up under you, as your Trafficwave downline. Leave that alone, except maybe to make sure your email is correct in it. When you give out your Trafficwave link, people will arrive on a capture page that has them sign up for this autoresponder series. It does nothing but promote how fantastic Trafficwave is, and it is likely to get signups for you.

So if you want to sell some other product or get people to Like, Know and Trust you… your new autoresponder series should introduce you and your main business that you want to introduce to your LEADS (visitors). If you do this well, you will get a bigger following, and your business success begins!

If your autoresponder series does not appeal to them, they can unsubscribe in a jiffy, and you will be stuck. – Well, not really, if you persevere. For everyone who unsubscribes you can find a dozen others who will lap up your emails! Just keep promoting!

My Offer of Help

Some programs I signed up for offered me a pre-written autoresponder series I could just copy and paste in there, and it saved me a lot of time. However, the writing style did not sound like me, and so I ended up editing them a quite a bit.

My writing style is not going to sound like your voice either, and so I rather hesitate to offer my series. But if you are really stuck, afraid you can’t write, and so forth. I’m willing to let you use mine. But if you don’t edit all the affiliate links to be your own, I will benefit and get your downline. So you do want to change that at least!

Think you can do that much with your mailing list?

If not, I can edit them for you, but I will charge you for my time. Starting at $50/hour.

If you think you can’t even set up the letters/emails in Trafficwave, I will squint my eyes at you and wonder if you are sincere about wanting to do business online.

(As one of my friends said, “Ruth does not tolerate laziness very well.”) So true!

If you can convince me otherwise, and that you really don’t have the time or can’t do it, I will do it for you, but again, I’ll charge for my time. That will take several hours! My schedule is usually quite full, so you might even have to take a number.

Be warned that the next step is to set up funnels or capture pages. There is some technical work involved, but some of the systems we sign up for make that quite easy. Trafficwave even creates some automatically.

I don’t mean to sound harsh, but the truth is that to do business online you will need to learn some basic skills. The ones most necessary are;

Setting up autoresponders – your mailing list,

Funnels or capture pages, (also covered in the Trafficwave training Wiki, text and videos)

Promotion and advertising,

Creating content (emails, blogs, videos),

You also need to be able to connect with and encourage, even train, those that sign up under you,

Never mind constantly learning new things yourself.

If you can learn these basic skills you should do very well.

If you want wealth handed to you on a platter, without doing any work at all, you are looking for a lottery ticket. Not an online business!

So? You are going to try hard and learn these skills, right? {BIG GRIN}

Then you’ll be able to say you EARNED your wealth! Congratulations!

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