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Resourceful, Responsible and Rejoicing Ruth!

I’ve been called Faithful, Tenderhearted, and Wholehearted as well.

Yours truly at workIn 1999 I decided to go online and LEARN to be a Business Woman. I’ve taken on this tagline for my first business website; Small Business Ideas with Imagination, Creativity, Ethics, and God’s Blessing!

New friends, upon first getting to know me, quickly notice that I’m generally cheerful, upbeat, and talking enthusiastically and FAST. I have to explain over and over again, that it is just the normal speed for my mind. I will slow down if they ask me to, but as soon as I get going on something I’m excited about my mouth speeds up.

That is one reason I really like to write. Then I can think at full-speed, but others can read as slowly as they need to, so as to follow me.

I do have MANY interests and passions, but I like to make it clear that I have high standards for ethics and godly, Christian principles that I live by. More on that later. But just so that you know; there are some things I will NOT stoop to do.

As the oldest of five, and with a mother who was sickly most of my life, I learned early on to be “The Responsible One,” taking charge of our home and my siblings from as early as I can remember.

I knew I had a vivid imagination and liked to make things, but it was not especially nurtured in my youth, but when I went off to a far city in another province, and I got involved in Pioneer Girls Clubs, my creativity began to break out in many directions. I gained a whole bunch of new skills and abilities. Not just crafts, but also in mentoring and disciplining others. I thrived and grew in all our activities.

All the while I was secretly writing a novel too. It just didn’t strike me as creative at first!

In 1983, sure it was God’s Will for me, I resigned my jobs in London, Ontario, and moved back home to care for my parents. That took more than 23 years.

Yet, during that period I grew much stronger spiritually, and in being ever more frugal, also as a manager of the affairs of others, and in creative writing. (Yes, I could tell many stories from that era)!

As a Business Woman

Naturally, when we step into a business career or role, we apply many of the traits we learned all the way back from childhood. How did my traits transfer into my business style?

First of all, I’m eager to explore and learn new things, but I deliberately make myself go slow enough to thoroughly research and study something to make sure that it is ethical and safe, and to find out what it will cost me in time and money. Even in how I will invest myself.

Because I started on a shoestring too short to tie around a finger, I had to be very resourceful and check out all the free information I could find for how to do something before I would pay for anything. Being a frugal business woman means it took me longer to reach certain levels, but it also meant that I had not wasted gobs of money the way some others have had to learn the hard way.

Since I could not afford to go to techies when I had computer problems, I learned to research and solve them myself, for free. When I discovered Linux systems were free to download and install, I taught myself, so I can now fix and install computer systems fairly easily. It’s not my most favourite thing to do, but I can and do, whenever necessary. This saves hundreds of dollars in repair bills!

I taught myself web designing when I published my novel by Print-on-Demand, and discovered that I would have to market it – preferably from a website. That has since stood me in good stead as I have built websites for clients and non-profit organizations.

Editing, and graphic design skills have been added in a similar fashion, as needed.

The internet is one ENORMOUS place of information! You can find and learn anything – if only you know how to look for it. Because information is conveyed by words, just guess how important a writer is on the net! It’s positively a writer’s paradise!

Of course, you don’t become a wealthy writer, or anything else, until you learn to discipline yourself like a good business person and make time in your daily schedule to train yourself, seek out the good jobs, or build a web business that will use your words to bring a profit.

Fortunately, I also love to teach and mentor others in the things I’ve learned. Already, I’ve done that to some degree in all my eclectic online education. At this point, though, I’m trying to become more focused on sorting out what I know and what those who follow me need to learn.I’m shifting into a more earnest trainer, mentor or teacher mode.

What Can I Teach or Mentor You to Do?

First of all, if you are looking for gaming and gambling sites and tricks, or anything immoral and deceitful – scat! Shoo! Get out of here! LEAVE NOW! You will not be happy here!

On the other hand,
if you want to learn to apply godly Christian principles, such as;
Being Kind, Generous, Honest, and Fair,

If you want to follow my example of staying out of debt, giving to God the first portions of your income, and try to be wise and discrete in giving; if you want to live frugally and simply, so you can bless others – and learn new things with a positive, cheerful attitude, full of hope (because God loves us Everyone and has Great plans for us)… and you want to count your blessings as I do, then …

A Hearty Welcome to you! Come on in. Be part of my family!

I can teach you some basic computer skills – if you don’t already have those;
things like signing up for programs – keeping good records – choosing STRONG passwords, (including copy/pasting and filing on your computer so you can find your docs again), and disciplining yourself to do the routine tasks that will make your business grow.

You’ll learn quite a number of ways to advertise (Honestly) – writing smart, winsome ads, but also so you can make money from the sites where you advertise.

There should also the starting of your own mailing list so you can teach your followers or downline members, and more than likely, you will need to learn how to put up a website of your own.

Don’t worry, I’ll spread the lessons over some time. You won’t have to gulp it all down as fast as you read it!

I will also make some of the lessons fun and playful – just see if I can’t be creative and resourceful about that! 🙂

Eventually, I think I would like to teach these courses in person to small classes of four students so I can spend quality time with each one to make sure you “Get it.” For now you will find these lessons on my eAction blog; eAction and there will be short excerpts or lessons coming to you through the eAction LIST too, which means they will tumble into your email inbox every few days.

IF you haven’t seen the eAction Mailing LIST subscribe box yet, use this one;

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