Promotion and Advertising

It usually doesn't take long to find out that - though you might have tremendous ideas for online businesses - it take promotion and advertising to get results and become profitable.

I struggled with it and gave up a few times over my early years online. Update: now, in 2019 I have the big picture and the tools I must use.

Perhaps, like me, when you think of advertising, you think of looking for places to submit classifieds.

That can help. A bit. More, if you have a hot, desirable product and place a snowstorm of classified ads - EVERYWHERE. Especially if you have money to pay for the best spots.

Wouldn't it be far better if you could get low-cost advertising - which at the same time pays you a commision?

How to Get a Steady Income
From a Low-Cost Advertising Plan

Join Your "TOOLS" Programs

Traffic Wave Unlimited autoresponders - which you will need for your promotion and mailing lists. Vital! Costs=30 day free trial; $17.95/month// Earn=3x10 matrix starting at $6/each// - See chart for potential!

The Whole Picture

All the above can seem like double the trouble if you are hoping to advertise your one business or product, and now you are suppose to promote all these programs too, in hopes of earning from your downlines. However, I've been learning lately about the much more powerful moves of creating your own info product, such as an e-book, a video or webinar course, etc. Or, simply writing short articles, known as reports, which have practical and useful information, but to which you can add some recommended links, which are your affiliate ads to some related product.

Your PDF file - report - is uploaded to several collection sites, and offered as FREE Kindle e-books. These are snapped up and soon go viral! So then you go to the above sites that offer you advertising spaces, and place ads to your downloadable Reports. But this is all as an aside.

Each report needs to offer something more and better. To obtain it they need to click a link, which takes them to a "Squeeze Page" you have set up where they must give their email address - which ends up in your Mailing list at TrafficWave. You provide that reader with the extra information - (for which you may charge a price if worthwhile), but now you can send more interesting info to your growing mailing list, and every once in a while send out an announcement of another great opportunity for them to check out. Of course, it will be one for which you will make another sale or at least get a commission!

Do you see how this system can have money coming at you from a number of directions at once?

I encourage you to click on each of the links above, sign up for the program under me, and you will end up on my mailing list, where I will give you more tips and encouragement. (I love to teach, and I like to share my discoveries with my friends.)

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Ruth Marlene Friesen
Ruth Marlene Friesen
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