You’re a Book Lover?

My office nook shows me to be a book lover

You’re the Book lover in your house? That is most of them are yours, and you don’t let anyone else clean them up – or get rid of them – even though you know that you have more books than you really need or can handle?

Crazy, isn’t it? These books were our treasures at one time, but we never get around to looking in them any more. Someone else could enjoy them, but…. well, we don’t want to throw them in the garbage! That would be cruel! So you are a hoarding Book lover, eh?

However, it might soothe your book-friendly spirit, if you could learn how to sell those books to someone else who is craving them, and willing to pay a handsome price for it.

There is a couple that have a webinar course, in which they show you how to discover your most marketable books, how to clean and refresh the books so they look as new and appealing as possible, and where to sell them online, where you can make 10 times, or 100 times, or EVEN MORE of what a used book is usually thought to be worth!

I confess, I’ve been a book hoarder all my life. A very possessive book lover. The above describes me to a T!

When I was a child and was given ten cents by my visiting grandpa, I made the mistake of spending it on an ice cream cone. A week or so later I realized that I could have bought a book in the store next-door for that same ten cents. From that day on I’ve been very careful to spend my money on books or tangible things like that, rather than snack food that will be through my body in 24 hours or less.

For many years I couldn’t afford to buy books, but I found a number of ways to get them, including being a book reviewer. Then, after my Dad died, I inherited, not only all the books my parents had had for years, but also those my sisters had left there. Suddenly I had enough books to fill all the shelves along the longest wall in my new home. Still, I looked at those books last year, and realized that I truly didn’t NEED or WANT all of them. Now, how to get rid of them, without offending my ‘love of books’ generally?

Well, the Book Boss course has the answers! It just came out in September of 2016.

Derrick’s main secret is to sell them through Amazon. He gets giddy when he talks about making 5000% return on his investment! He has gone around to various places to buy whole boxes and pallets of used books at fire sale prices. His garage is constantly full, and he keeps selling like crazy!

I happen to have an agreement to write a history book for a non-profit charity, and I know I need to finish that project first before I can jump into selling books like Derrick. But I know this is right up my alley. Writing and selling books is a dream lifestyle for me! I can hardly wait to start!

If you feel the same way, you want to check this out and consider this as a new part-time or full-time career as a Book Boss on your own terms; Book BOSS Course

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