Traffeze for Your Website Business

So how is your website business?

Is it making the kind of income you had expected?

Is it taking longer than you thought?

Guess what; I know a new way to monetize your web business. There’s a special new network opening up for solopreneurs – and it is free to sign up! It’s called Trafeze, and the idea is that you can connect with some niche sites owned by solopreneurs who have heaps of traffic coming in, and they are willing to make private deals with business people who want to advertise where the right kind of potential customers hang out.

The network, Trafeze, is free to join, but you’ll have to work out your own fair deals with the niche site owners who have the appropriate traffic you want to connect with.

How do I know about this? Well, I’m an SBI member, and our fearless leader and CEO, Ken Evoy, is always coming up with brilliant ideas that benefit a lot of us. There are truly a lot of SBI members whose sites attract over 5000 visitors a day! They are not totally content with AdSense or affiliate ads, and open to private deals with advertisers. Ken has promised that his staff will screen them carefully before we even get to talk to these potential advertisers, but the SBI owners will benefit, and so will YOU, if you are a business person ready to advertise on a niche site that fits perfectly with your product(s).

In a way it’s a bit like that Uber taxi alternative. An unofficial setup that benefits both drivers and passengers, and eschews a lot of red tape.

You can sign up here, either as a Traffic Buyer or a Traffic Supplier:

I can sure see the value of this, but my best SBI site doesn’t reach the 5000 visitors a day mark, so I can’t go active just yet. I have signed up though and will watch for when I can get a match-up or two!

Say, you’ll want to see the Trafeze blog and discover what others are saying about this;

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