After Seeing INFINii Video

after seeing INFINii video

Here you are, after seeing the INFINii Video, right?

INFINii (Video) has everything you need to sell like hot cakes!

Oops, what INFINii video? You missed it? Go see it here; and I’ll wait for you: INFINii (It’s not terribly long).

You’ve seen it? Great.

Okay, we’re ready to discuss the INFINii video you just watched.

It starts with three testimonials from people making a lot of money.

The black woman with the shopping cart said she’s making lots of money, and loves it.

They are just 3 of thousands of INFINii members doing surprisingly well with this business model. e-Commerce, buying and selling online – quite often using drop-shipping.

Then you heard the voice of Kevin Hokama, who is one of the owners of the company. (He was for many years in the US Forces, and developed this kind of eCommerce online on the side. Now he’s retired to Japan, and makes a good instructor for how this all works).

Kevin explains two basic ways to sell online; dropshipping/selling on eBay, and shopping/then selling on Amazon.

In fact, INFINii provides training and software for a number of more advanced methods, but these simple ideas are introduced to newcomers. You can, if you want to take advantage of the more advances strategies to become a big retailer online. You have some wonderful surprises ahead if you decide to join!

I hope you do! OK, only if this really appeals to you and you are prepared to work it. (You would only be miserable if I twisted your arm and MADE you do it).

Some folks are too dense or scatter-brained and have no self-discipline. I can’t imagine them doing well. Sorry, I trust you’re not one of them. 🙂

INFINii has the software, tools, and training to make this possible, but you have to bring some brains and willpower to the table.

It looks fast and easy when Kevin does it in the INFINii video, and he says it takes only 30-40 seconds. but that is after you have done it long enough to be fast. Maybe others are so quick from the word GO, but I’m not there yet.

At the beginning it took a longer time as I researched each product to make sure it will bring a profit. There are also extra steps at the beginning for what they call “Internationals.” That’s those of us who live in Canada, or any other country outside of the USA.

I’ll write more on to the fees and, the question the INFINii video may have raised in your mind: is this really worth that much? Stay tuned. 🙂

Just for fun go to the main entrance to the INFINii website.

You get a sense of the global situation with e-Commerce surpassing the traditional local stores. And that big changing number? That’s how much business this company has done already! Impressive, eh?

Are you READY right now?

Well, sure you can sign up immediately: Just click the BIG YELLOW BUTTON UNDER THE VIDEO. INFINii

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