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About Me

Ruth Marlene Friesen

Yours Truly

I know you are curious to know some personal details about me. I would be in your place too. But I hardly know where to begin. I’ve already done an “about me” page on each of my websites, and each one seems to focus on a different side or facet of my personality and life. You’d almost think I’m several people!

But let me borrow or quote some parts of the new About page on the site proper for BouquetofEnterprises.biz and send you there to read the rest.

The Quick Facts about Me

My earliest jobs were telephone/switchboard operator, and receptionist
Then I was a live-in caregiver for my parents for 23.5 years

Other Work: a novelist, writer, web designer, friend/mentor,

Hobbies: genealogy, making books and booklets, greeting cards

Comfort foods: peanut butter, yogurt, nuts and cheddar cheese

From all the FREE information out there on the net, I’ve taught myself web design, published my novel by POD, and have made a number of good friends around the world, especially through my novel-site, Ruthes-Secret Roses and my weekly blog/ezine, RoseBouquet. My novel and that site often refer to my friends as roses in my garden of friendship. All the while I’ve tried out a number of free income programs, and discarded a lot of them as I’ve become more discerning.

Ruthe's Secret Roses

my novel

I wrote a big, heavy family history book during those caregiver years, and later a genealogy web site, A Godly Inheritance. I don’t have time to promote or work on it any more, but I still hear from people sometimes, who have discovered the site and wonder if we don’t have some relatives in common.

I’ve registered my main business, Bouquet of Enterprises, with my home province, Saskatchewan, in Canada, and also a subsiduary business, Azaleas Virtual Assistants. Unfortunately, I’ve not been able to afford employees yet, so I do ALL the work myself!

I have ideas for a number more, which I’ll name for flowers too, but there are steps in my long-range strategy that have to be covered first.

If you are truly keen to see more about me – check out My Life in Photos on the novel’s site.

To see all of this page, go to About on this site.

P.P. S. I think it’s hard to write a conclusive about me page, as there are so many facets to my life. I have produced a brochure, which does a valiant job of describing me, and what I have to offer you or anyone who wants to be my friend. Brochure: The Responsble One.

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