Preferred Business Model

preferred business model

What’s your preferred business model? Do you find yourself dithering over whether you will do better in eCommerce – that is selling stuff online – or building a multi-level marketing team – OR – are you a clever money-handler?

I’ve got news for you! INFINii has all these, plus more business models are added every few months. If you become an INFINii member you will have the opportunity to work in all three. Just pick or use your preferred business model, or dabble in all three until you find your most profitable area to specialize in.

When I first signed up, it was the idea of learning to do fairly automated drop-ship selling online that I expected to be doing. And I am working at it, (although, because of an unusual collectors stock sort’a put into my hands, I’m doing most of my work manually there).

Then INFNii began to introduce their Partner Plus Plan. Whow-he-e! So much more money is possible just for recruiting others to become active members of INFINii! I’m not so good at rattling numbers of fast and accurately, but the one that inspires me as a goal is to learn $50,000 a month…. That’s becoming my intermediary goal. Never mind that there are much higher numbers further along!

You know, I think this will become my preferred business model. For the time-being, I’m giving time to both of them.

But here it is July 14, 2016, and I’ve just learned that our fearless and very talented INFINii owners have been testing another business model for more than six months. It is carefully monitored and automated, but each one can choose whether you want the system to remember you like “low risk” or “medium risk” or whoa! “high risk”.

Honestly. I must tell you that I’m too chicken to try this business model. It sounds so safe with all their precautions and thoroughness – that causes me to think it is safe to recommend to others. (Who knows, I may even try it one day). But oh, I do beg you to be wise and cautious if this proves to be your preferred business model. I’d hate to have you turn into a foolish gambler . . .! Please don’t do that!

Still, it seems only fair to let you know that signing up with INFINii gives you a smorgasbord of business models to choose from. If you are quite new to online businesses, I would recommend signing up for Prime at first. You can upgrade to Surge or Excel when you grow to those levels. If you like recruiting (and Kevin does a fine job of showing us how to do this easily online), then you will want to sign up for the Partner Plus business too. And… yes, if you think you can be SAFE handling financial trading, then you could sign up for Signal Forge – all from the same link.

Note: You can sign up for Signal Forge alone if you don’t care for the rest, but if you do that, you will sign up as a non-member for $199 US. IF – you choose membership and one of the other models first, then Signal Forge will only cost $99/month.

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