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I’m sincerely working on a new blogging agenda. It is not that I’ve forgotten this one, but I’ve gained another blog to tend, (This makes 4 that I need to tend each week), and I’m sacrificing a lot of time to complete a commitment to have a history book finished about Impact Canada Ministries (formerly Western Tract Mission Inc), in time for our 75th Anniversary in September.

I’ve also joined two new businesses this year – which I believe will become my MAIN ones! But this means trying to watch as many training videos as I possibly can. All this is making my life very crowded, believe me!

But I’ve been thinking, if i set aside one hour a day for a blog post, and I rotate which blog I work on from one day to the next. I’m just starting this today and don’t know how well my new blogging agenda will turn out. I’m hoping it will go easier and faster day by day, and that you’ll find some true value when you come to visit here.

If things go well, I should end writing here twice a week. If I can hold to this plan until the end of the summer I shall be super grateful!

The Blessing of the Lord brings wealth and He ads no trouble to it.

Meantime, it occurred to me this morning in my devotional time (Which I do guard earnestly!) that I should share some of my favourite verses in Proverbs. Even as graphics, and this is one of a set of four that I made for my office at the Mission. I wish I had room to put them up on the wall again.

I do believe in this wonderful promise and trust you will be encouraged to adopt it as a favourite of yours too. Truly, the Blessing of the Lord brings wealth! And when it comes from Him, He adds no troubles or evil consequences with it. So that’s the kind of wealth I’m watching and working for!

It seems one has to be able to login to an African paper to see what their Classifieds look like or how they work. That makes this little piece of research harder; how to get a free computer in Africa.

Why would I want to see the classified in an African newspaper when I live in Canada?

Well, because I’ve been corresponding with some pastors in Tanzania, Uganda, and Kenya, who are looking for computers. Or more specifically laptops. But they can’t afford even those that are sold as refurbished ones.

I have suggested that they simply place an ad in the paper, or spread the word that they are in the church work, and need a working used computer. Perhaps a printer and scanner too.

Oddly enough, these friends say that they don’t think it would work to get a free computer in Africa that way.

Hmm…? That’s odd. Either they don’t have classified ads in their newspapers, or people there are far more stingy than the ones here in Canada. I have never had to advertise. I just mentioned among some friends that I was willing to take cast off computers because I felt I knew enough to refurbish them with a linux system and they would work fine for office work. I have in fact, done that with more computers than I can count since 2007.

(I try not to encourage such donations now because I’d rather be working on my internet business ventures, but it still happens that friends to whom I gave refurbished computers return them so I can recycle them for others again).

The problem is that if I were to prepare a computer or laptop for my African friends and send one, it would cost more than it costs to buy one there, and it would take 6 months by slow-boat to get there. I’ve done it once, and it was so expensive I knew I had to find more economical ways to get them a free computer in Africa.

That is why I keep saying, it should work to get a cast off computer from someone who can afford a new one, then follow some simple instructions for reformatting it and installing a brand new system. All you would invest is time – educational time. You learn many things by doing this.

So I’m writing this now, to inquire if there is any reader out there who can shed some light on this for me. Is it out of the question for someone to place a small text ad in a newspaper, saying something like;

“Poor pastor needs a computer. Willing to accept working cast-offs.Laptop preferred, but will accept gift of desktop, and printer/scanner.Call …phone-number… for free pick up.”

You may have to offer serious proof to convince me that the middle and upper classes in an African country would refuse to give away a used computer when they treat themselves to a brand new one. Surely, they have not worked their old one into the ground first of all? Such a stingy negative concept just doesn’t mesh with the Africans I’ve met!

I’ll turn commenting on for a while to allow responses.

Have you heard about the smart online business people who have over 1000 visitors a day to their site? I want to show you how they get all that traffic.

If you are getting into an online business, you may already have discovered that you need a website, and that you NEED visitors to read it, and buy or do as you suggest.

But, hey, how do those website owners get 1000 visitors a day? Maybe they buy or lure them?

You are right. If you check most sites in Alexa where you can seem some of their stats about visitors for free, you will find that MOST sites have very little traffic. They get just a little trickle of visitors, and most of that comes from word of mouth among their friends or some advertising they might have bought.

Out of the billions and trillions of websites on the internet there are about 1 to 3% that are doing quite well. The very top .05 (1/2 of 1%) are those who get 1000 visitors a day. Guess what! Most of those sites are owned and built by SiteBuildIt! (SBI) members. (I’m one of those myself, although not as far along to success).

The secret I would pass on here is to go study those super successful websites and find out what they are doing that you could emulate. SBI has chosen just some of our most successful members to highlight. Links to their sites are on a Results page: Results.sitesell.com

We are taught in our Action Guide and videos, that if we build our site according to Ken Evoy’s instructions we will not need to buy our traffic. The search engines will happily deliver it to us for free.

What’s more, if we are doing our monetization right, we should be able to count on a monthly income equal to our daily traffic numbers. So, take for instance, when I get 100 visitors a day, I should be making $100/month from my website. When I get 500 visitors a day, I should be earning $500 a month. Following this progression, what do you think those are making who get 1000 visitors a day?

Ah-ha! And when they get 10,000 visitors a day?

The way to success with SBI is not a snap of the fingers, or learning to say a mantra phrase for good luck. It is following a successful working formula. If you follow the rules and stick to it, you cannot help but succeed!

Want to look over those who are getting the great results? Go to: Results.sitesell.com


Would you like to see my eBay and Bonanza listings? ebay.ca/sch/ruthesroses

I’m trying to fulfill the requirements for an eCommerce business. It involves listing 10 items on eBay in my own country. I’ve got 9 items up but I started several weeks ago, and I still have not made a single sale. I’m beginning to worry that I’m doing something wrong.

[I did make one sale a week or 2 after I wrote this post. The package of hand cremes sold and has been received by my customer.]

I discovered that I could also open an account on Bonanza, and link it to my eBay listings, which seems to have worked fine, as my Booth shows up. [However, I’ve lost that account since then.]

Whether you have experience or not, you are welcome to look these items over and buy something(s) if you are interested. I would be thrilled to have a customer! Or, two or three!

In return, I’ll be happy to share with you the eCommerce plan I’m working with. If all goes well, it brings in a dramatic income to each one who chooses to take it up.

Blessings & Thanks, in advance for your help.
Ruth Marlene Friesen

Update: 6/23/16
discovered that in my busyness I didn’t notice that my Bonanza trial account has run out. Not sure right now if I’ll sign up again,

From time to time I have stressed that we should always check out a new product or business before we entrust our money to strangers online. I try to be consistent with such cautions myself, but then I get busy dealing with the many businesses that I know well already, and slip up.

That’s what happened a few weeks ago. I saw a full page ad online offering a free sample of a weight loss product called Supreme Garcinia Cambogia. (I could spare a few pounds, but mainly I was curious because if I like a product I can recommend it from my websites). The sample was free but
the shipping was $5.00.

Oh-well, sounds fair enough, I thought. So I paid the $5.00 US (a little over $7.00 CDN when it came out of my account). I was surprised to get just the one bottle instead of the two the web page had indicated. But then it arrived a day or so later.

What began to worry me though, was a couple of days later, when I was checking my account online, I discovered that $156. and change taken out. I decided to cancel this deal immediately, and called the 800 number given on their website. I had to give the email with which I had signed up, and got an immediate notice that my account was cancelled.

But it wasn’t! Another couple of days and $139 was charged and taken out of my account. I tried calling that 800 number again several times, and each time got a cheery recording telling me that my email was no longer in their system, thanks for cancelling. Then the recording hung up on me.

No live person to reason with!

I should mention that my Global Payment Card is actually a debit card so I’ve always treated it as a checkbook. When I use it I make sure the money is in my account as it will be withdrawn as soon the purchase is processed.

At that point I began to worry and called my Credit Union. I was advised to come in as I would need to sign some claims forms.

The woman handling this was very kind, but it was not a frequent duty of hers so she had to check each step very carefully.

She called me the next day to ask for a full documentation of all that I had said and done with this company, and to send the samples back and bring in a receipt that I had done so. I did that all that. I had written a letter just a couple of nights before, so I included a copy of that with direct quotes in the emails correspondence.

The next this kind woman called again, very apologetic, but since it was done with a debit card, they could not get my money back for me. And by now I’d lost and spent on postage over $300!

I had threatened in my letter that I would publish my experience on the internet and warn people about this scam. When I went online to see if anyone else had experienced this, I was surprised to discover that this scam is being run from a number of websites, each with similar but different domain names, and that wherever anyone had posted a report of their problem there were many, MANY comments below from others who had also had a bad experience with this crazy gambit.

So I can take some small comfort in the fact that I’m not the only one, and I believe this is the first time since I came online in 1999, that I’ve actually lost money on a scam.

Maybe my letter and emails will come before the eyes of someone with some sense of morals and good ethics, but I’ve lost hope of that, I think.

My present recourse is to put it into God’s hands and trust Him to make up my loss to me, especially since I am now taking pains to share my story as a warning to others.

WARNING: Do NOT fall for free sample of Supreme Garcinia Cambogia!

This web page I found does a good job of explaining how the scam works: supplementpolice.com/garcinia-cambogia-free-trial-offers-scam/ Do take care, and alert others too!

Incidentally, if you get into a good health food store, you can get this Garcinia Cambogia product there, and NOT get scammed.

April/20/16 – Update: I’m happy to report that the two amounts of money that were taken from me via my Global Payment card have been reversed and put back. These were happy surprises! I can only praise God, because from all appearances it was hopeless. If you should find yourself in such a situation, I suggest you work at it as far as you can – and ask God to help.

I’m watching and listening to the replay of the Corporate webinar of Friday, Feb. 19th, and it is just overwhelming. For nearly an hour now, we’ve been meeting the leaders of various divisions, and learning a bit about them, and then they come on, one at a time to explain what new things are in the pipeline for us. I think I’ll have to watch this replay again, to absorb it all.

Just to name a few that come to mind, there is new training videos coming up in the Master Classes, there is new software coming out to automate our marketing campaigns (for Partners), there are special events happening about every two weeks across the USA for the nest few months, Plus some in Germany and Spain in April. — And in June there will be a GRAND OPENING event in Dallas, Texas!

Oh, and Ken Eggelston came on again to explain changes to the Compensation, or Rewards Plan. Oh my! They have made it easier to get the big cash prizes – and sooner!

I can give you a link to the NEW Comp Plan (PDF) but I’ll have to see whether you can access it without becoming a member first. Comp Plan – YES! it works!

Oh dear Friend! I cannot restrain myself. I feel strongly that you should sign up as an INFINii member and check it out from the inside!

In the next week or so, I hope to have a series of autoresponder emails ready to walk you through many of the fascinating aspects of this company and how to discover and learn to use it.(I wish I had it ready right now). But check back here in a few days or a week, and see if there is not a signup form.

Why? – Because I want to look after those I invite into INFINii and see that you have someone to help you learn to do it right, so you can succeed – at a good steady pace!

6/23/16 P.S
There have been some changes at INIFNii, but they have been to streamline and simplify that very complicated Compensation Plan. Now it is easier to be in the money and climbing the simpler ranks. There are also extra helps for those who need to learn how to do the most effective marketing.

If you had a look and hesitated, try it again! 🙂 Especially if you NEED Money to come in Faster!

There’s a new buzz on the internet over INFINii, a new name that has been born.

The word ‘infinity’ means boundless, limitless, in maths you cannot assign quantifiable values to
something that is infinite. Personally, I prefer to reserve that word, (and Awesome) for describing God.

However, this new company has taken the name INFINii – which is not in the dictionary, but I think is their way of saying the opportunities with this company are many times boundless, or if it were possible a limitless number of people can make a great income with this e Commerce model.

And, I confess, when you study their business model, and the Compensation Plan for those who introduce it to others – it does take one’s breath away!

I joined up in the first few days, when it was by invitation only, and I’ve been paying close attention to all the webinars with the owners and their team of experts, and trying things out and I have to say – the potential is tremendous!

Years ago, I decided that I am content to live with what I have, but I do so often wish I could give away generously to the many others I see who are in need. I’ve daydreamed up many plans to do so, and right now I’m keen to give this a go, and see if I can’t be one of those who gets boundless incomes! I love the joy of giving, and I think I’m going to have some wonderful times of joy!

I can give you some links to check it out for yourself. Don’t let me or anyone else push you into joining against your will. Weigh the pros and cons and decide for yourself.

Here’s a link to an introductory video where you can sign up if you get impatient; infinii.com/

If you are the kind of person who wants to case the whole thing more thoroughly, I suggest you sign up for the next Webinar here: infinii.com/sp/webinar.php

If that goes by you too fast, and you want a document you can print out and study line by line, then go here to look over the Compensation Plan: CompPlan.pdf

Let me just add this comment: when you investigate and join other MLM companies, (remember, none of them really compare to INFINii, there are such major differences) – but in regular MLM companies you will, if you can climb their complicated ladders, earn maybe 10%, or if you a a terrific team builder, you might earn 35% profits. Less than 10% of the total membership will ever earn anything at all.

In INFINii you only fail if you are too chicken to try. Over 10,000 members are making profits within the first month, and they profit in several ways, most of them to the tune of 70%!!

Doesn’t that set your imagination to spinning, eh?

There are 3 questions to ask of a new business model;
1. How much can I make?
2. How quickly will I be in profit?
3. Can I help others duplicate my success?

INFINii invites you to ask these questions of them! INFINii pays out more than twice what other programs pay, AND 80% of it’s members are already in profit!

Recruiting others is just one aspect and totally optional. In fact, the largest numbers of over 10,000 members that have joined in the first month (Dec, 2015) are making a good income just from working at the various eCommerce systems offered. Selling things online, including drop-shipping, is the next BIG thing online (like Uber or AirBNB). INFINii offers software to automate much of this, and many tips and training from those who have really streamlined doing eCommerce online. You can make as much money as you are prepared to work at your online selling.

Tonight, January 7th, there is to be a special webinar to explain how all this works. If you are curious and want to know more, you need to sign up here; INFINii webinar and try to to be there. If it doesn’t work out after all, or you find your computer doesn’t let you see or hear the whole thing, you will be sent a recording link. Then you can see it as a video later at your convenience.

I promise that you will get answers to those 3 questions to ask of a new Business model.

There is a NEW phenomenon – online shopping STATs are going through all windows or ceilings! While brick and mortar stores are shutting down for lack of business, people are shopping online more than ever before. If you want to be where the MONEY is – you want to get onto the Online Shopping Train. It is going places!

I am now getting started in earnest on my new business venture with INFINii. This company is getting more and more exciting. The financial possibilities are enormous! About 1000 people a day are joining INFINii!

In just the first month alone, December 2015, while still in beta stage, 20 people reached the Director level, and each earned a bonus of $20,000! Whew! Figures like that boggle my mind.

A Video that Sets the Stage

if you have a Facebook account, you can find the new video that summarizes how INFINii fits into the global eCommerce picture, on my page; facebook.com/ruthmarlene.friesen

I’ve just started a new mailing list and blog about this – so that I can go on and on about it, and at the same time answer questions for those of you who ARE truly interested, and even show you the basic steps.

INFINii has a learning curve; though they make a lot of things easier to do, we still have to learn how to work in the eCommerce world. If you don’t have a Seller’s Mindset, you’ll have to learn it.

Aside: I recall how, after Mom died, I prayed and told the Lord, that I was a shy, creative type, but I was willing to be made a Business Woman, if He would take me on. Ten years later, when Dad died, and I had to go out to support myself completely again, I was surprised to see that I did have a Business Woman’s mindset. In the last 8 years I’ve developed it even more so! Therefore – I think I’m ready to step on this train at this point in my life.

Because I’m brimming over with excitement, I’m freeing up as much of my mornings, and two evenings week as I can, to give this my top priority attention.

INFINii is designed to help anyone from anywhere in the world learn to sell online, and make a good income. Those outside of the USA are advised to sell 10 items from around home on your own country’s branch of eBay, then you can transition to selling on the USA platform. You can also move up and learn to sell on Amazon, Google, and several other platforms. This is made much easier because you can buy wholesale through INFINii, then market these online at profit margins that go through the roof! You can order and ship the products yourself, but for those outside of the USA, you can do drop-shipping, which means others will fill the orders and ship for you.

The owners opened INFINii on December 4th but by invitation only. They had such a flood of people trying to get in that they had to close the doors for a few days to upgrade their system. My friend Margaret got me an invitation and I got in shortly after that. – I’ve been online and dealing with affiliate marketing since 1999, so about 15 years, but I’ve never seen such an advanced and well-oiled system! Lots of training videos and PDFs in case the videos don’t work for you.

Most MLM companies are thrilled if 10% of their members are doing well and earning income. In INFINii the owners are driving hard to make it 90% of the members to be earning well!

Yes, I could rave on and on. But you and I both have other things to do as well, so how about if you sign up for the eAction mailing list, and I’ll keep you informed every few days and tell you more.

If you decide to become an INFINii member, you must get back to me with your name, choice of username and password. I will go into INFINii back office and ask them to send you an Invitation with those details.

That will allow you to login to the back office and poke around a bit, and watch some exclusive videos. When ready, you can sign up at the Prime level, the Surge level, or the Excel level.

Of course, then it would be smart for you to stay on my mailing list, so that you can get help as
you go through your learning curve.

Blessings & Thanks,

I’ve found many short, pithy life rules in the Bible. Especially when reading in Proverbs I see many proverbs that can be applied to a business life of integrity and high standards. If your parents did not teach these to you as a matter of course when a child, a study of these passages can help you to catch up. You will become a wise, mature, and winsome person.

Just for a little self-test, see how many times you have to re-read Chapter 26 in Proverbs before you can find the ten short pithy life rules that I’ve picked out. They are in this match-up quiz called Short Pithy Life Rules in Proverbs 25

If you can spot them quickly, it should only take you a couple of minutes to do this quiz. Just draw a line from the quoted verses in Proverbs chapter 25 on the left – to the short, easy to remember summary statement on the right.

(Note: ‘kings’ referred to King Solomon, the writer, but can also be applied to others, like ourselves, wanting to do business, and do it right).

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